Clemson Botanical Gardens Engagement Photography

Engagement photography sessions have always been my favorite.  As a wedding photographer, I get to sit back and relax while working for once – something I can’t do during a busy, hectic wedding.  Not only do I get to relax and take it easier, but I get to see the couple at their best: natural, non-stressed, and very much in love.  As a result, some of my favorite images have come from engagement sessions.  Michael and Anna’s session was no different!  They requested to use the Clemson Botanical Gardens, and I couldn’t have been happier with their decision.  My background is in landscape photography, so I absolutely love when I have the opportunity to combine the beauty of nature with the love of an engaged couple.

Please check out my favorites below!
And congratulations to the happy couple

Update: Check out Michael and Anna’s wedding post here!

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