True love stories

never have endings.

                        ~Richard Bach

Clemson University Engagement Photography

Melissa and Wes are an amazing, vibrant couple who aren’t afraid to goof off in front of the camera – my favorite type of couple to do a engagement photo shoot with!  This set was also unique in that the couple had met while attending Clemson University in Seneca South Carolina, and wanted to have their engagement photos done there because the location had extra meaning to them.  Clemson has a beautiful campus, and we could have photographed for hours there without running out of ideas.  On top of that, Fall was in full swing, which led to some amazing photography, bursting with color.  If you are familiar with Clemson, you may notice that we covered a variety of sites, including the Clemson Botanical Gardens, Tillman Hall, and President’s Park.  Unfortunately I can not post all the photos because of the sheer number (Nearly 150 shots, which is huge for an engagement shoot), but please enjoy some of my favorites below!


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