Greenville South Carolina Wedding at The Loom at Cotton Mill Place, Prince of Peace Catholic Church

Ceremony: Prince of Peace, Taylors SC

Reception Venue: The Loom at Cotton Mill Place, Simpsonville SC

Welcome to my first wedding of 2015!  This is a year of new beginnings for me as a wedding photographer.  The world of photography (especially wedding photography) is in a constant flux, always changing and evolving.  Photographic fads come and go, new brides want new looks, and Pinterest trends change and shape the new ideas of what wedding photography should be.  As a photographer, I always strive to adapt and evolve what I offer as well.  With photojournalism and documentative wedding photography, this is difficult – the whole idea is to capture things as they happen, as you see it.  But I have been striving to capture more memorable moments, ,more dramatic portraits, and bolder detail shots for a while now – a new year is simply a new reason to step things up.  Look for more dramatic, bolder photography in the coming months as I experiment and implement new ideas!

Tommy and Michelle had a BEAUTIFUL ceremony in the equally beautiful Prince of Peace Catholic church.  I have shot at this particular church before, and was excited to learn I would be back again – it is so large, open, beautifully adorned, and with plenty of soft natural light.  It is a photographer’s dream church wedding!  The icing on the cake was their choice of reception venue.  The Loom in Simpsonville was incredible, and the perfect backdrop to try some new ideas for reception shots.  The Loom is a renovated cotton mill from the turn of the century, and is the perfect blend of modern and historic.

Please check out some of my favorites from Tommy and Michelle’s beautiful wedding below, and thank you for visiting!