Greenville Wedding Photography at The Loft at Soby’s

Venue: The Loft at Soby’s, Downtown Greenville, South Carolina
Hair and Makeup provided by: Cotton Rouge, Cotton Rouge and Company

 “You know when you have found your prince because you not only have a smile on your face, but in your heart as well.”

—Unknown Author

Do you like non-traditional weddings?  Do you like cityscapes?  Do you like seeing photos of blissfully happy couples on one of the biggest days of their lives?  Have I got a treat for you!

Andrew and Krissy are amazing together – You can feel the love and happiness they share with each other from the second you meet them.  They are active, lively, vivacious, and love to squeeze every drop out of life that they can get.  They own a local crossfit gym together (Green City Crossfit), and are very busy people.  They were the most cutting edge, non-traditional bride and groom I’ve worked with so far – They planned the entire wedding in a single month (Though they had been engaged for years) when presented with a sudden opportunity to do so.  They contacted me two weeks before the wedding, and after working out a custom package, we immediately got to work.  They had a small, ceremony with roughly 20 attendees, and didn’t need any reception coverage, engagement session, or anything I typically do with weddings, so I wasn’t expecting to come home with any more than 100 final edited shots from their day – instead, I ended up with almost 400!  Why so many?  Because they were amazingly fun to work with, and their choice of venue was perfect.  The Loft at Soby’s was beautiful, and they could not have chosen a venue which matched their style better.

For anyone unfamiliar, Soby’s is an award-winning restaurant specializing in a mixture of contemporary and traditional southern cuisine.  It is located right in the middle of downtown Greenville.  The loft is their dedicated event space, which consists of 2 floors of beautifully decorated rental space, including an open-air balcony with a nice view of downtown greenville.  The balcony is accessed by a very tall spiral staircase you can see in the photos below, and after huffing and puffing my way to the top lugging nearly 100 lbs of camera gear, I even thought briefly about ‘borrowing’ my new crossfit friends to help!

All joking aside, this was the perfect wedding to try out some new, bolder ideas I’ve been wanting to try.  Please take a look below at some of my favorite images from the day.  And maybe stop by Green City Crossfit sometime and see what all the fuss is about.  Thank you, and I hope you enjoy what you see!


Krissy_Andrew_Wedding_Final-56 Krissy_Andrew_Wedding_Final-8 Krissy_Andrew_Wedding_Final-14 Krissy_Andrew_Wedding_Final-24 Krissy_Andrew_Wedding_Final-32 Krissy_Andrew_Wedding_Final-35 Krissy_Andrew_Wedding_Final-46 Krissy_Andrew_Wedding_Final-47 Krissy_Andrew_Wedding_Final-53 Krissy_Andrew_Wedding_Final-55 Krissy_Andrew_Wedding_Final-62 Krissy_Andrew_Wedding_Final-66 Krissy_Andrew_Wedding_Final-68 Krissy_Andrew_Wedding_Final-79 Krissy_Andrew_Wedding_Final-83 Krissy_Andrew_Wedding_Final-84 Krissy_Andrew_Wedding_Final-87 Krissy_Andrew_Wedding_Final-90 Krissy_Andrew_Wedding_Final-91 Krissy_Andrew_Wedding_Final-94 Krissy_Andrew_Wedding_Final-97 Krissy_Andrew_Wedding_Final-108 Krissy_Andrew_Wedding_Final-110 Krissy_Andrew_Wedding_Final-111 Krissy_Andrew_Wedding_Final-112 Krissy_Andrew_Wedding_Final-125 Krissy_Andrew_Wedding_Final-127 Krissy_Andrew_Wedding_Final-130 Krissy_Andrew_Wedding_Final-146 Krissy_Andrew_Wedding_Final-148 Krissy_Andrew_Wedding_Final-155 Krissy_Andrew_Wedding_Final-165 Krissy_Andrew_Wedding_Final-177 Krissy_Andrew_Wedding_Final-196 Krissy_Andrew_Wedding_Final-197 Krissy_Andrew_Wedding_Final-203 Krissy_Andrew_Wedding_Final-263 Krissy_Andrew_Wedding_Final-269 Krissy_Andrew_Wedding_Final-273 Krissy_Andrew_Wedding_Final-274 Krissy_Andrew_Wedding_Final-275 Krissy_Andrew_Wedding_Final-279 Krissy_Andrew_Wedding_Final-280 Krissy_Andrew_Wedding_Final-284 Krissy_Andrew_Wedding_Final-283 Krissy_Andrew_Wedding_Final-298 Krissy_Andrew_Wedding_Final-301 Krissy_Andrew_Wedding_Final-310 Krissy_Andrew_Wedding_Final-314 Krissy_Andrew_Wedding_Final-328 Krissy_Andrew_Wedding_Final-335 Krissy_Andrew_Wedding_Final-341