The best way to learn more is to simply contact me today and set up a personal meeting.  But I know you have a busy life, so I have gathered some of my most frequently asked questions in this section so you can read more in the meantime.  Please click on each heading to expand.

You consider yourself as a candid photographer, do you do posed shots too?

Absolutely! I prefer natural reactions and situations unspoiled by direction, and the majority of my photos are shot in this style. However there are many times when posing is required: Couples photos, bride and groom portraits, bridesmaids and groomsmen group photos, family formals, etc.

In these situations, I work in a way that makes you feel comfortable and free, unrestricted by stuffy poses. By working in this manner, I am able to interact with anyone easily, even those who are camera shy or not used to having their photo taken.

Why do you recommend engagement sessions so much?

I make it no secret that I love engagement sessions, and the benefits are numerous:
1)  We get a chance to meet and work together, so you will know exactly what to expect on your wedding.
2)  You get to see how I work, and the results (which you will love sharing with your friends /family). and
3)  You will have photos that you can possibly display at your wedding reception, and additional photos you can use for prints/albums.

4)  I always enjoy these sessions because I make them fun, and low-stress!

For these reasons, most of my packages include an engagement session, and it’s an option I highly recommend!

I also offer extended engagements for an additional charge, which take place in further away or more exotic destinations. My mountain engagement sessions are great examples of these, but they can be done nearly anywhere. If you and your fiance are adventurous people and want something to match your larger-than-life personalities, this is the session for you.

What's all this about individual attention?

In a world full of photographers who are content to do only what’s necessary to get by, I strive to be something more.  There are literally hundreds of wedding photographers in this area alone, and I think it is ironic that the only way a bride has to compare them is by their images alone.  Wedding photography to me is so much more than beautiful wedding photos – it is about the entire experience.

No one wants to be viewed as a number, a nuisance, or another sales goal in someone’s ledger.  I want to get to know my couples a little better and learn what makes them unique.  I want to channel their personalities into their photography so it reflects who they are in a better and more natural way than stuffy traditional poses.  And most of all I want them to be happy and relaxed every time we work together so this personality can shine.  This is the personal, individual attention I am talking about.

I value your experience as much as I do your wedding photos.  Because of this, I do things very differently from other photographers.

  •  I only accept a limited number of weddings each year to avoid looking at people as numbers, and so I don’t have to sacrifice my ability to give your wedding the individual attention it deserves.
  •  In most cases I also limit weddings to a maximum of one wedding per weekend to avoid burnout which would prevent me from performing the best I possibly can.
  • I require an in-person meeting / interview before booking, which is meant to ensure that we are an excellent fit – both stylistically and personally.  It is very important that your ideals, needs, and preferences mesh with your photographer, and this is how I can ensure you receive the absolute best experience possible.


In a world where everyone else views you as a number, make sure your photographer views  you as the unique person you are.

Do you have any questions about my process?  Contact me today!

How would you describe your photography style?

My style can be described as artistic, dramatic, bold, and candid.
I take a light approach to posing, in that I direct couples to interact with each other and capture their emotional connection instead of placing them in stuffy poses. I feel this leads to a more natural photo that shows a couple’s real personality as well as the loving connection between them. I believe that natural photos are what stand the test of time. This photo style grows in value over time, as opposed to photography fads and gimmicks which fade and become irrelevant as time goes on.

How much can I expect to invest if I hire you?

Like the wedding ring, photography is designed to last the rest of your lives.

basic photography collections begin at $2800. Most brides invest an average of $3500 or more for full-day wedding coverage.

Specific package information is available upon request. [Contact Me]

How many images can I expect to receive?

It will vary widely depending on options (such as additional photographers, hours of coverage, etc), but I typically deliver between 500-800 photos or more per wedding, 20+ for bridal portraits, and 80+ for engagements and general photo sessions. I process and edit each image individually, and I take great pride in my work.

What are your album options?

I am extremely passionate about albums. In our digital age where 5 years changes everything, albums remain steady, unchanging, and timeless . They will always be there for you whenever you want to relive your memories in perfect clarity and detail. I believe they are the single best way to show off your wedding photos, and I only trust the highest quality labs with your wedding memories.

I offer 8″x8″, 10″x10″, and 12″x12″ albums of various lengths and options, including various types of leather and colors. All albums feature lab quality photos printed directly on bonded, reinforced pages for strength and durability. They utilize a seamless gutter design which allows for beautiful panorama printing across a two page spread.

These albums are beautiful and best viewed in person, and I will be happy to show them during our initial consult.

Do you use a contract? Are you Insured?

Absolutely! I wouldn’t dream of shooting without either! I am fully insured for both liability/indemnity and equipment damage. I have an industry-standard contract that must be signed to save your wedding date (see below)

What do you require to book a weddding?

I require a flat $800 non-refundable retainer due at the time of the contract signing, regardless of your chosen package. This contract is designed to protect both parties, and reserves your wedding day so no other bride can book it. Full payment is due 2 weeks before your wedding date, and I have many options for payment plans.

In my effort to give every couple a personalized experience, I also require an in-person meeting (or via Skype if out-of-town).  This is so I can make sure we are an excellent fit, and so I can give you the best possible photography experience.

How long until I receive my finalized wedding photos?

I pride myself on having one of the fastest image turnaround times in the industry. However, it does depend on my workload at the time.  You can typically expect 1-2 weeks for weddings, and 5-7 days for engagements / bridals or other shoots during off seasons.  This figure may increase by a week or more during heavy workload (Typically Spring and Fall).  This is because I would rather not sacrifice quality and individual attention for the sake of quicker deliveries.  During all seasons, I aim to have a preview blog post published within a week.

Do you work with a second shooter/ assistant?

I learned how to photograph weddings as a lone primary shooter, and I am more than comfortable shooting weddings in this manner.

However, having a second photographer does have a few distinct benefits. It allows me to relax more and focus on creating more artistic photos that may not be possible otherwise. It also allows for additional angles and coverage throughout the day. For these reasons, I include a second photographer with certain wedding collections.

If you are not sure about your particular wedding needs, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

I don't see any formal shots in your blogs - do you shoot family formals too?

Yes! Unfortunately I only have a very limited number of photos I can put in my blogs before page load times become increasingly slow and people start getting bored. Since family formals are usually rather bland, they generally don’t make the cut – but I shoot them at every wedding. If you would like to see some samples, I can send you a link to a completed wedding for you to view – just contact me today

Where can I find reviews of you and your work?

Aside from my reviews page here on my website, I use The Knot, Wedding Wire, and Facebook to showcase my reviews.

Please note there may be some duplicate reviews as some of my clients use both sites.

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