Anderson Wedding at The Bleckley Inn

Anderson Wedding Photography at The Bleckley Inn

Anderson Wedding Photography at The Bleckley Inn

The Bleckley Inn Wedding Photography

Alex + Ryan

Wedding photography is an incredibly diverse career because every single wedding is completely different. I have long told prospective couples that when you look at wedding photography (At least with my style of photography), you shouldn’t look at individual, specific photos – You have to look at the big picture so to speak. The big picture meaning my general photography style, approach, etc. The reason why is the same reason I love wedding photography – No two weddings are the same because no two people are the same. And while the general look and feel of one couple’s wedding photos might be similar to another, the individual photos and mood could be totally different. Alexandria and Ryan’s Fall wedding at The Bleckley Inn in Anderson is a perfect example of this idea.

The reason why I bring this up is because I was here very recently – just 2 weeks or so prior with another couple. That wedding took place in a similar time frame, during the same time of day and year, and had a similar photography approach. The two weddings should be similar, yet are completely different. Different couples make different choices, different weather requires different locations, and different priorities lead to different opportunities. Despite it being so simple, this is truly an amazing idea to me.

But at the end of the day, only one thing matters to me – Having the opportunity to document and photograph a couple’s wedding day as uniquely as they are themselves. This is why I don’t chase specific photos, but chase moments instead…Because while standard shot-list photos tell people about a wedding itself, moments tell people about the couple: Their feelings, emotions, and what is important to them in life. And while the specifics of how to photograph that differ with every couple, the end goal is always the same…a beautiful look from the inside out of what makes a wedding (And a couple) unique.

Rooftop wedding photos in downtown Anderson SC
Creative wedding photos
Bridal hair and makeup at The Bleckley Inn
The Bleckley Inn wedding photographers
Bride looking at ring light during hair and makeup
Groomsman tying pocket square before wedding ceremony
groomsmen getting ready for wedding on a rooftop in downtown Anderson
Groomsman holding whiskey bottle
Groomsmen tying pocket squares before wedding
Groomsmen pouring whiskey in glasses while getting ready for wedding
Groom getting dressed on rooftop in anderson sc
groomsmen toasting whiskey before wedding ceremony in Anderson Sc
Anderson SC wedding photographers

Getting Ready at The Bleckley Inn

Anderson wedding photographers have long enjoyed working at The Bleckley Inn for it’s variety. Not just at the wedding venue itself, but in the surrounding area. Being in the heart of Anderson SC meant that Ryan and his groomsmen were able to get ready on the rooftop of a nearby building. That meant Alex was free to get her hair and makeup done in peace at The Bleckley Inn itself. Two different locations, and two totally different moods.

Photographing weddings candidly means I like to partially blend in to allow people to relax enough to show their emotions. This turned out to be very important here…not just during the getting ready portions, but also in the first look taking place in the courtyard. Once again, the variety in locations at The Bleckley Inn made for a more unique day, full of meaningful moments.

Photo of the Back of bride's wedding dress
Wedding photos at The Bleckley Inn, Anderson Sc
Anderson Wedding Photographers
Candid wedding photography in Anderson SC
Anderson SC Wedding photographers
Bleckley Inn Wedding Photographers
Bride walking up to do first look with father at The Bleckley Inn
Candid wedding photographers

Wedding Ceremony at The Bleckley Inn courtyard

I have always loved the courtyard at The Bleckley Inn for wedding ceremonies. It is big, open, bright, and is a stunning backdrop for a wedding. Add in a perfect Fall day full of sunshine, and you have a recipe for great wedding photos. And while I always love when a bride and groom does a first look before the ceremony, it is always incredible watching them when they wait until the ceremony to see each other. All you have to do is look at their faces when they walk toward each other and you will know everything you need to know about their relationship.

Outdoor wedding Ceremony setup at The Bleckley Inn
Bride walking with her father down to wedding ceremony in downtown Anderson Sc
bridesmaids crying and laughing when seeing bride walk down the aisle at The Bleckley Inn
Groom waiting to see bride at wedding ceremony
Groom smiling when seeing bride for the first time
Anderson wedding photos at The Bleckley Inn
Wedding ceremony at The Bleckley inn
Downtown anderson sc wedding photography
closeup of bride and groom hugging after wedding ceremony
Anderson SC wedding photography
Anderson SC wedding photographers
Silhouette of bride and groom dancing on a rooftop in Anderson SC
bride and groom laughing and smiling at the camera

Wedding Reception at The Bleckley Inn

Photographing an open-air reception in a courtyard at night is one of my favorite challenges! If you know me, you know I love night photos as it is, so getting to do them candidly during a reception is even more fun. And while Alex and Ryan chose to have a smaller, more intimate wedding reception, there was no shortage of dancing, fun, or alcohol (My 3 favorite things in a wedding reception). And after the reception, we had some extra time to explore the courtyard and alleys at night which lead to a more unique end to the day than normal.

bride and groom's first dance at Bleckley Inn courtyard
Open air night reception photos
Bride dancing with her father outside at night after wedding ceremony
Night reception photos
Reception dancing photos at The Bleckley Inn
night reception photography
bridesmaids dancing at The Bleckley Inn wedding reception
Bride dancing while holding a drink at wedding reception
Bleckley Inn sparkler Exit
The Bleckley Inn wedding photographers
wedding photography at The Bleckley Inn
Anderson SC wedding photography

Thank you for looking through Alex and Ryan’s Bleckley Inn wedding in Anderson, SC! I hope you have enjoyed the journey, and I wish this amazing couple luck in all their future endeavors together!

Special thanks to the following wedding vendors who helped make this day possible:
Wedding venue: The Bleckley Inn
Wedding planning and coordinating: Kim Silvey
Alcohol: Liquid Catering
Cake: Kathy and Company

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