Junebug Retro Wedding | Asheville, NC

Junebug Retro Wedding in Asheville, NC

Junebug Retro Wedding Photos

Junebug Retro Wedding Photos

Jennifer and Chris

Asheville, North Carolina

I love photographing at new wedding venues! Not only is it a way to meet interesting new people and see interesting new places, but it is a chance to do something different. Trying something new, photographing new and different challenges, and just breaking out of the ordinary are just 3 of the reasons why I love wedding photography so much – I never get bored! On top of that, Asheville is known for it’s more unique wedding venues. So when Jennifer and Chris told described their choice of wedding venue to me, I became a little giddy.

Junebug Retro Resort is not what I would consider a traditional wedding venue. This is what I love about it. It is actually an RV resort that can be rented out AirBNB style, full of interesting and unique restored retro RVs (Just like the name implied). At the time of this wedding, they were just ramping up their services for weddings, so you really can’t get any newer than this. And with a large outdoor area with everything from large fields, to wildflowers, a river complete with bridge, and wooded areas, my mind was already itching to photograph a wedding here. But there was also a third layer to this story, a nostalgic layer.

The wedding planner for Jennifer and Chris’ wedding here at Junebug Retro Resort was none other than Hannah Sabolik, of Like the Dazzling Weddings and Events. It’s been awhile since then, but I had the honor of photographing Hannah and Joe’s wedding back in 2015 (Also here in Asheville). Hannah and Joe were one of my favorite couples I’ve ever worked with, and I was ecstatic to learn I would be able to work with Hannah again in a different capacity. And just like with her own wedding, her and her team really knocked this one out of the park. I don’t consider myself much of a wedding details photographer, but she made my job so easy that I couldn’t help but spend a little extra time photographed the gorgeous ceremony and reception setup.

So this is a rare triple whammy wedding – A great couple, a (very) unique wedding venue, and an old friend handling the logistics….I couldn’t have been any happier to be a wedding photographer. So buckle up and check out some of my favorites from their day below!

Junebug Retro Resort Asheville
Wedding Ceremony location at Junebug retro resort in Asheville, nc
Junebug Retro Resort RVs
Junebug Retro RV wedding sign on camper
Groom getting ready for wedding ceremony inside retro RV
Groom putting on jacket for wedding
Groom getting ready at Junebug Retro resort

Getting Ready for the Wedding at Engaged Asheville

While the guys were getting ready on site at Junebug, the ladies decided to prepare for the day at Engaged Asheville wedding studio. This turned out to be a phenomenal space to have hair and makeup done! Beautiful, bright, open spaces with neutral colors and just enough interesting stuff to let my imagination run wild. If you are getting married in Asheville NC and need a location to get ready, I would highly recommend checking them out.

Engaged Asheville wedding photos
Engaged Asheville, Asheville NC
bridal party having makeup done at Engaged Asheville before wedding
Engaged Asheville, asheville nc
Bride getting ready at Engaged Asheville before wedding ceremony
Bride getting dressed before wedding ceremony at Engaged Asheville, asheville nc
bridal party helping bride put on wedding dress before wedding ceremony
Engaged Asheville wedding photos

Wedding Ceremony at Junebug Retro Resort

Back to Junebug Retro for the ceremony, and we couldn’t have had better weather. Beautiful, crisp Fall air combined with late afternoon sunshine is a perfect storm (so to speak) for beautiful wedding photos. Well, at least in an outdoor location like this. Of course, Hannah (Like the Dazzling) did an incredible job with the ceremony setup and decorations which made my job much easier. And while I am limited in space on these blogs, I have to say it was one of the most beautiful setups I’ve seen in quite a while…and that’s coming from a photographer that normally focuses on candid wedding photography.

All in all, it was an ideal Fall day for Jennifer and Chris, and a perfect representation of what was important to them as a couple.

Junebug Retro resort wedding ceremony photos
live band playing before outdoor wedding ceremony
Like the Dazzling outdoor reception decorations
wedding guest taking photo of ceremony
Junebug retro wedding photos
bride and her brother walking across bridge to ceremony at Junebug retro
Groom wiping tear from eye after seeing bride at wedding ceremony
Outdoor wedding ceremony at Junebug Retro resort
Outdoor wedding ceremony photos
Junebug Retro wedding ceremony
Asheville outdoor wedding ceremony photos
Wedding photos at Junebug Retro in Asheville NC
groom hugging son after wedding ceremony
Outdoor wedding photos in Fall at Junebug Retro resort
bride and groom dancing in flowers after outdoor wedding in Asheville NC
Junebug Retro wedding
Bride and groom sitting on bridge together after wedding ceremony in Asheville

Wedding Reception at Junebug Retro

Every couple is different and wants different things with their wedding. Jennifer and Chris wanted as few posed photos as possible, including their couple’s photos – They are all about living in the moment. As a primarily candid wedding photographer, this felt right at home to me. I modify my approach with every couple based on their personalities, so with Jennifer and Chris, I was able to back off and just let them do their thing, photographing events as they unfolded without getting in the way. It was quite refreshing!

These two were all about the wedding reception, and it showed. To them, the reception is meant to be a time to hangout, drink, and laugh with friends….it was not about over-scheduling events or having certain expectations or timelines that had to be executed perfectly. It was very go-with-the-flow, and turned out exactly like they wanted. It was fun and stress-free for everyone involved, including me!

Junebug Retro resort reception decorations
Wedding guests taking film photos of each other at reception
Junebug Retro resort reception setup
Like The Dazzling wedding planning reception decorations
Bored kids laying down at wedding reception
live music at wedding reception
bride and groom listen to family member sing at beginning of wedding reception
wedding reception toasts at Junebug Retro rv resort
Junebug retro resort wedding reception
wedding reception photos at Junebug retro in Asheville
Kids dancing at wedding reception
wedding guests having fun and dancing at wedding reception
bride dancing at wedding reception at junebug retro resort
junebug retro reception photos
reception photos at junebug retro
bride and groom dancing together at wedding reception
dancing wedding guests at asheville wedding reception
junebug retro resort wedding reception photos
bride hugging her mother at wedding reception in asheville

Thank you for tuning in to this quick recap from Jennifer and Chris’ beautiful Junebug Retro wedding! This one was special in many different ways, and I truly hope you felt like you were part of the action. And as always, special thanks to the wedding vendors that helped make this day possible:

Wedding planning / coordinating: Hannah, Like the Dazzling
Wedding venue: Junebug Retro Resort
Getting ready location: Engaged Asheville
Live ceremony music: Red Cedar Review
Wedding dress: The Sentimentalist
Hair and Makeup: Disco Destiny
Wedding Photography: Matthew Pautz Photography

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