Blue Ridge Mountain Engagement Photos

Blue Ridge Mountain Engagement Photos

Asheville Engagement Photography

Asheville Mountain Engagement Photography

Western North Carolina Mountains

Ah, the mountains.  While I don’t live in Asheville (I live in Greenville, SC), I am lucky enough to be able to drive to the mountains for engagement photos every now and then.  And while it is harder for me to schedule in certain times of the year, it is ALWAYS an adventure.  A big part of why I fell into wedding photography was my love for adventuring outdoors (While taking photos for the memories).  So while not everyone is willing to schlep up to the mountains for an engagement session, I view it as a way to get out from behind my desk and have a little photography-related adventure.  Being able to come home with totally different and unique engagement photos is just a plus!

Take the above engagement photo for example, with Heather and Ryan.  There is nowhere in all of Greenville that has a sunset view like that.  The daytime view is amazing too, but being able to see the sun dip below the horizon is unique, and can make the difference between interesting engagement photography, and engagement photos you would actually want to print and hang in your home.  And that brings me to something no one seems to understand about wedding and engagement photos: The purpose of them.  I believe the entire purpose of taking photos like these is to give you something you can share, print, or display in your house…for the memories.  So why wouldn’t you want to go all-out and make it extra special?  And that is why I still love the extra work and effort it takes to get out here for the sake of engagement photos.

So check out some of my favorites from Ryan and Heather’s Blue Ridge Engagement session, and hopefully you will see why I love being up here!

asheville mountain engagement photos
A couple walking hand in hand in the mountains
windy mountain engagement photos
mountain engagement couple silhouette
sunset engagement photos
dog engagement photos
mountain engagement photography outside asheville nc
a couple hugging on a mountain top in the blue ridge mountains
a couple watches the sunset on a mountaintop with their dog
A couple watches the sunset in the blue ridge mountains together
blue ridge mountain engagement photos
sunset mountain engagement photos
a silhouette of a couple dancing at sunset in the mountains of north carolina
blue ridge parkway engagement photos
silhouette engagement photos

This is why I love wedding and engagement photography!  And Asheville is one of the best places around for it.  Contact me today if you like what you see above, and want your own engagement adventure!

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