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Revel Bridal Photos | Greenville SC | Revel Wedding Photos


Bridal and wedding photos take at Revel in Greenville sc

Some brides simply redefine the word ‘class’.  Remember Megan, from her and Lee’s Asheville engagement session?  Ever since then, I have been looking forward to her eventual bridal photo session, and for good reason – Not only is she a gorgeous bride, but also an incredibly sweet natured person who doesn’t mind when I fiddle around looking for new photo opportunities.  That last part can’t be underestimated – good photography takes time and experimentation, so when I work I do a lot of strange things like laying on the ground or shooting from halfway across the venue around a door.  It takes a special person to put up with that, and I am thankful for any opportunity I have to take my time and explore my photography options.

Megan chose a relatively new event space named Revel Event Center as the location for her bridal photos.  If you have lived in Greenville anytime during the last decade, you will instantly notice that this is the old Handlebar building.  I’m sure they are tired of the comparison by now, but transforming a long-time Greenville landmark is no easy task.  Revel managed to not only transform the location, but also transcend it into a totally new icon with it’s own distinct charm and style.  I was extremely impressed with how well Revel fits for bridal and wedding photos, especially if you are looking for a rustic or classic vibe.  I greatly enjoyed working here with Megan, and I hope to make it back sometime soon.  In the meantime, check out some of my favorites from Megan’s gorgeous bridal session below:

Wedding and bridal photos at Revel in Greenville SC Revel Bridal and wedding photos Revel wedding photos | Greenville SC Closeup of bride in wedding dress Revel Event space Greenville SC Wedding photos at Revel, Greenville SC Bridal photos at Revel bridal portrait in front of sunny window  Bride posing in wedding dress in doorway at Revel in Greenville SC Revel bridal photosBride in dress and veil looking out window bride adjusting her veil at Revel Bride in wedding dress standing in window light at Revel Closeup bridal portrait Revel wedding photos

See what I mean?  This was a truly exception session with a wonderful bride and I loved every minute of it.  Look soon for Megan and Lee’s wedding photos, coming soon!

Special thanks to Revel for providing the beautiful venue, and Jasmyn Alexis for providing hair / makeup.

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  1. Michelle Marshall

    These pictures are beautiful!!! You captured the true essence of my baby sis. She was a beautiful bride and an even more awesome person.

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