Bridal Portraits at Clevedale Historic Inn | Spartanburg SC

Bridal Portraits at Clevedale Historic Inn | Spartanburg SC

Sunset bridal portraits at Clevedale Inn


Spartanburg, South Carolina

I have photographed a variety of weddings and bridal portraits at Clevedale Inn over the last few years and it is always a favorite location of mine. There’s just something about an old, historical inn that just makes for the perfect backdrop for weddings and bridal portraits…The indoor vibe is great for traditional wedding photos, and the outdoor areas are perfect for something more non-traditional with a little more drama. That, plus having a perfectly beautiful day meant we spend the entire session outdoors this time!

If you know anything about me, you know I am pretty much the opposite of traditional, which is odd here since bridal photos are a very traditional concept. But my photography style is less about taking specific photos and more about believable moments, so bridal sessions tend to be a mix of traditional pose ideas with a little something else thrown in to actually make them believable. All in all, it was a great experience, and a perfect ice breaker for the wedding day itself. So take a look below for some of my favorites from Emily’s Clevedale Inn Bridal photos!

Closeup of bride holding bouquet
Bride holding up wedding dress while she walks away outside
Clevedale Inn Bridal photos
sunset wedding photos at clevedale inn
Bridal photo ideas at Clevedale Inn
Bridal photos taken in a historic garden
Bridal Photo ideas
Wedding and bridal photos at clevedale Inn in Spartanburg SC
Garden bridal portraits
Bridal portraits in Spartanburg

There you have it – another beautiful Fall day at the Clevedale Inn, and a perfect day for bridal portraits! And if you are curious, you can also find Emily’s wedding photos at nearby Indigo Hall here.

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