Charlyn Farms Wedding

Charlyn Farms Wedding | Marietta, SC

Charlyn Farms Wedding photography

Charlyn Farms Wedding Photos

Erica + Jake

This was a wedding of firsts for me. Of course, it was also a first for Jake and Erica, but that’s a given – But after photographing over 100 weddings, I find myself running into firsts less and less often. The first ‘first’ was getting to work at Charlyn Farms, a gorgeous barn wedding venue in Marietta SC. The second ‘first’ was getting to work with a couple like Erica and Jake – Two people with what I would call “larger than life” personalities…something that overshadows far more than just a wheelchair, and eclipses everyone else in the room. Brash, unapologetic, fun-loving, and adventurous, these two really define “couple’s goals”…at least if you like dark humor mixed with heavy sarcasm as much as I do. Throw in a boozy reception filled with friends and family that are celebrated partiers themselves, and you have the makings of a dream couple for a wedding photographer like me.

But their humor isn’t the only thing that make them a dream couple for me, it is their outlook on life. They are two people who don’t sweat the little things, don’t take life too seriously, can joke about anything without fear, and who want to squeeze all they can out of life. They like to travel, spend time outdoors, had their honeymoon in Iceland, and I have seen Jake at least once or twice handcycling down the Swamp Rabbit trail. My kind of adventurous couple. So when it came to their wedding, I knew there was going to be a lot to photograph.

So here we get to Charlyn Farms, their chosen wedding venue. I love a good natural setting just like they did, and although there was still a healthy amount of off-roading, accessibility was very important. So I was especially happy to see the deck completed just in time to be used for their outdoor wedding ceremony. Combined with the beautiful Fall colors in the forest backdrop, a great sunset, and a beautiful reception setup, this was one of my favorite weddings of 2018.

Wheelchair wedding photos
Sunset wedding in Fall at Charlyn Farms

Getting Ready for a Wedding at Charlyn Farms

I love when couples end up using the same wedding venue for everything. I am in the camp of simpler = better so having no location changes or traveling means less stress for everyone involved. I can arrive, set up my photography equipment, and not worry about moving it around again. Charlyn Farms turned out to be a great place for both the bride and groom’s wedding preparations, and I loved being there to see how it all unfolded. Their dog Ronan is an integral part of their relationship, so of course he made his way into their prep photos as well…both in and out of his doggie wedding tux. Add in a beautiful (but slightly chilly) Fall day bursting with Fall color and you have the makings of an incredible morning. Special Thanks to Heather at The Vow Hair and Makeup for doing an excellent job with the bridal party preparations!

Charlyn Farms wedding ceremony
Charlyn Farms, Marietta South Carolina
Dog in tuxedo begging for snacks at wedding
Bride having hair styled at Charlyn Farms before wedding ceremony
Bridal hair and makeup at Charlyn Farms
Wedding dress hanging in open barn doors
Closeup of bride getting ready for wedding
Bridal prep room at Charlyn Farms
Groomsman tying tie before wedding
Dog in wedding tux sitting next to groom in wheelchair before wedding
Groom getting ready before wedding ceremony
Groom in wheelchair putting on jacket before wedding ceremony
Groom getting boutonniere pinned on jacket for wedding
Charlyn Farms wedding photos
Closeup of bride lacing wedding dress for wedding ceremony
Charlyn farms wedding photographers
Bride hugging her father before wedding
Bride laughing after seeing father before wedding ceremony

Wedding Ceremony at Charlyn Farms

Jake and Erica wanted to have a first look before their actual wedding ceremony, which I always support. And if you want to know why, just check the next few wedding photos below: There is no better way to capture a moment like this than a first look because this view would have been impossible during the ceremony itself.

And as far as the wedding ceremony goes, it couldn’t have gone better. It was a perfect cloudless day for a Fall wedding, and it went off without a hitch.

Bride and groom's first look before Charlyn Farms wedding
Charlyn Farms wedding photos
Barn wedding photos at Charlyn Farms
Bride walking with bridesmaids before outdoor wedding ceremony
Fun bridal party photos
Grandmother acting as flower girls at wedding ceremony
bride walking with her father at outdoor Fall wedding ceremony
Groom watching bride walk down the aisle at wedding ceremony
wedding ceremony photos with groom in wheelchair
Charlyn Farms wedding photos
Fall wedding photos at Charlyn Farms
Charlyn Farms wedding photos

Some couples just make my job easy when it comes to their bride and groom couple’s photos. I am a candid wedding photographer so I take an ’embrace life’ approach to wedding photography. So while I asked when we first met how they wanted me to approach the chair in terms of wedding photos, I was ecstatic when they didn’t want me to try to cover anything up. I believe firmly that a couple’s wedding photos should embrace who they are as a couple, and I also believe it’s our uniqueness that makes us…well….unique. Jake and Erica are naturally perfect for each other, and I wanted their happiness to shows in every photo they took together.

Bride holding hands with groom in wheelchair
Fall wedding photos at Charlyn Farms
Closeup photo of groom's wheelchair next to bride's shoes
Silhouette of bride and groom kissing at sunset in Fall
Bride goofing off during photos with groom
Charlyn Farms wedding photography
bride and groom hugging after wedding ceremony

Charlyn Farms Wedding Reception

Jake and Erica had one of the best wedding receptions I’ve ever experienced as a wedding photographer. Not just the uniqueness of it, but the level of activity too. Originally, they were worried about the logistics of first dances and dancing with a wheelchair, but to be honest, they really knocked it out of the park. I remember them both thinking it felt awkward, but Everyone else thought it looked amazing, and some of my favorite photos that day were from their first dances together.

And while I normally don’t have space in these blogs for photos of the wedding cake topper, I couldn’t help but admire their style:

Cake topper with groom in wheelchair
Charlyn Farms Wedding Reception
Bride dancing at reception with groom in wheelchair
Bride and groom dancing at wedding reception
Charlyn Farms reception photos
Reception dancing photos with groom in wheelchair
Wedding and reception at Charlyn Farms
Wedding reception toasts at Charlyn Farms wedding
Groom laughing during wedding reception toasts
Groom laughing at wedding cake topper
Bride and groom in wheelchair dancing at wedding reception
Wedding ring photos in front of bottle of Highland Park scotch whisky
Groom pouring scotch at wedding reception
Charlyn farm wedding and reception photos
Bride and groom toasting whiskey shots at wedding reception
Creative wedding ring photos
Groomsmen smoking cigars at wedding reception
Bride and groom in wheelchair exiting wedding reception
Charlyn Farms wedding photographers
Just married sign on back of groom's wheelchair

All in all, Erica and Jake’s Charly Farms wedding turned out amazingly well. This was one of those rare weddings where even a busy 12+ hour day felt too short. Working with them was easy because we all seemed to have the same personalities, and watching them interact together was incredible. I hoped you enjoyed this look into their wedding at Charlyn Farms, and thank you for tuning in!

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