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Downtown Atlanta Bridal Photos | Jackson Street Bridge | Jimmy Carter Center


Bride in wedding dress looking out over atlanta ga

Wedding photographers love bridal photo sessions!   The only drawback is timing, since I can’t post anything before the wedding day (for obvious reasons).  As a result I tend to get way behind on posting bridal photos, even though I am usually dying to share them!  I feel the same way about bridal photos as I do engagement photos – I feel like they are not only a great way to get to know a bride before her wedding day, but also a perfect introduction to how I work, what to expect, etc.  This was the perfect introduction to Jamie, whose eventual wedding can be viewed here.

I am exceedingly happy that I got the chance to meet and work with Jamie prior to her wedding.  As a wedding photographer, it is sometimes difficult to put a face with a name until I get to work with a couple one-on-one.  Names are just letters, jumbled around on some contract somewhere.  But faces are meaningful – they represent a person who has hopes, dreams, and and entire lifetime of memories and experiences.  I like faces, not just names.  At the time, Jamie lived in Atlanta, and her weddings was scheduled to take place in Charleston.  Since we weren’t able to meet in person when she booked me for her wedding, her bridal session was when I finally was able to put a face to her name.  And just like I expected, she was a complete joy to be around, and a joy to work with.

I wrote extensively about Jamie and her then-fiance Marquis in the wedding blog linked above, so I won’t go into too much detail here…but suffice to say that they are wonderful, beautiful people, and they are the personification of why I love my job.  Wonderful people take wonderful photos, so without further ado, check out Jamie’s wonderful bridal photos below!

Bride posing in wedding dress in botanical garden

bride posing in wedding dress in garden in Atlanta

Closeup of bride holding bouquet

Bride looking away over botanical gardens

bride smiling happily in wedding dress in garden

bride holding flowers on jackson street bridge in Atlanta

silhouette of bride in a botanical garden in Atlanta

Bride at sunset overlook downtown Atlanta Georgia skyline

Smiling bride in wedding dress looking out over Atlanta skyline at sunset

bride posing in wedding dress on jackson street bridge in Atlanta

Smiling bride overlooking downtown atlanta

Jamie’s gorgeous bridal photos should show just how fun she is to work with, not to mention the amazing Atlanta skyline.  Thank you for taking the time to look, and don’t forget to check out Jamie and Marquis’ wedding photos!

Jamie’s bridal photos took place at 2 locations in Atlanta:

The Carter Center
Jackson Street Bridge


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