Fall Bridal Photos in Downtown Greenville SC

Fall Bridal Photos | Falls Park Bridal Photos | Downtown Greenville SC


Falls Park bridal photos, Downtown Greenville SC

Like most wedding photographers, Fall is my favorite season.  Any photographer will probably say the same thing too.  Who can resist the beautiful Fall colors combined with the crisp, autumn air?  Times like these make be happy to be alive, and happy to have brides who enjoy the same.  Landri is one of these brides, and since we are lucky enough to live in Greenville SC, we didn’t have to go any further than downtown to see the effects of Fall.  Remember Landri and Tim from their engagement photos?  They were such a pleasure to work with that I have been looking forward to Landri’s bridals for months.  It was just too perfect to pass up such a perfect Fall day for her outdoor bridal photos.

When working in Falls Park and downtown Greenville, there is always a risk of having a small crowd form and watch.  Or even worse, wander into the middle of things.  Today had no shortage of people milling around, being such a beautiful Fall day.  But Landri handled it like a champ!  Bridal portraits are already an odd experience for most people, but bridal photos in front of a crowd can really be nerve-wracking.  But as usual, everything turned out great, and we all had a great experience.  It is just a bonus that we got to take away some wonderful photos in the process.  Check out some of my favorites from Landri’s bridal session in downtown Greenville below:

*UPDATE* Check out Landri and Tim’s wedding photos here!

Bride in wedding dress in Falls Park, Greenville SC Fall bridal photos in Falls Park, downtown Greenville Fall bridal photos bride holding flowers in park during Fall Falls park bridal photos Bride wearing fur wrap Bride in wedding dress holding flowers and wearing a brown fur wrap Bride holding flowers and wearing a fur wrap in Fall Falls Park bridal photos Downtown Greenville Bridal photos Bride adjusting her veil outside in park bride adjusting her veil in Falls Park Bride twirling her dress on a bridge in Greenville

This is why I love being a greenville wedding photographer – downtown Greenville and Falls park are built for bridal photos.  I hope you have enjoyed these samples as much as I enjoyed being a part of them!

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