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Falls Park Engagement Photos – Greenville South Carolina

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Location: Greenville | Falls Park

Engagement photos in Falls Park, Greenville | Liberty Bridge

In many ways, Falls Park was responsible for the transformation of Greenville SC from an unknown city to one of the fastest growing areas in the US.  And if you have visited Greenville, you will instantly know why.  For one thing, it is gorgeous…clean, well-landscaped, accessible, and huge.  For a wedding photographer like me, Falls Park is an engagement photography playground.  If you are looking for locations to have your engagement photos, Falls Park should probably be one of the first places on your list.  I have taken so many engagement photos in Falls park that I have lost count, which is why I made this page.  As a couple, it can be pretty daunting when it comes to choosing a location for your engagement session, so I have condensed some of my favorite work in this area into this page to help show you what your engagement photos could look like here.

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Engagement Photos in Falls Park

Falls Park itself is gorgeous for an engagement.  There are several nearby areas that are as well (scroll down for some of those examples), but Falls park is right in the middle.  It is a great engagement photo location by itself, or as a jumping off point to some of the other popular engagement locations like The Rock Quarry Garden, Downtown Greenville, and Cleveland Park.  But many times, there is no need to go anywhere else.

Engaged couple looking into each other's eyes in Falls Park Engagement photos in Falls Park Engagement Photos at Falls Park Falls park engagement photos Falls Park engagement woman pulling fiance into river during engagement photos   Falls Park engagement photos woman kissing fiance's neck in Falls Park

With the right weather and a little bit of luck, a Falls Park sunset can give an entirely new feel to your engagement photos.  This is my favorite time to shoot, so if you are looking to have your session done here, always plan to end it around sunset if you can.

Couple kissing at sunset in Falls park sunset engagement photos at Falls parkFalls Park Engagement Photos

If you and your fiance are feeling a bit adventurous, a quick trip out over the rocks below Reedy River Falls can make for some beautiful engagement photos too.

woman holding shoes while walking with fiance next to Reedy River Engaged couple hugging in front of Reedy River Falls intimate engagement photos

One of the best things about Falls Park is how much variety is there to make your engagement photos more unique.  Stone bridges, walkways, walls, flowers, trees….you can get just about anything here, all right in the middle of downtown Greenville.

Engagement photos in Falls Park  Falls Park Engagement Couple hugging and kissing Falls Park engagement photos closeup of engaged couple sitting on bench at Falls park Falls Park in FallFalls Park engagement photos Couple hugging in Falls Park

Rock Quarry Garden Engagement Photos

And nearby engagement locations

There are several places very close to Falls Park that, when combined, can make for a truly unique engagement session.  The Rock Quarry Garden is one of those places – it’s a bit too far to walk to, but a short 3 minute drive is all it takes.

Rock Quarry engagement photos at sunset engaged couple kissing closeup Rock Quarry Engagement PhotosEngagement photos in Cleveland Park, Greenville

Nearby engagement photo locations

If you don’t mind walking a little bit, Cleveland Park is great since it connects right into Falls Park.  Wyche Pavilion, a popular wedding venue, is a great place for engagement photos too.  And of course since Falls Park is right smack in the middle of downtown Greenville, it is incredibly easy to just hop up to the surface streets and explore downtown.  Downtown is especially great at the end of the engagement session, because Main Street looks amazing a little after sunset or at night time.  This is my favorite time to photograph downtown, because that’s when we can get some truly dramatic, exception engagement photos.

Downtown Greenville SC Engagement photos  Downtown Greenville engagement photos Wyche Pavilion engagement Photos Downtown greenville engagement photos Downtown greenville engagement photos at night

It is easy to see why Falls Park is such a great choice for engagement photos, and for a wedding photographer like me, it is usually one of the first places I recommend to my couples if they don’t have a specific location in mind already.  It can get a little crowded on the weekends, but Monday – Friday usually works out well.  And of course, if you are looking for your own Falls Park engagement photos, just Contact Me today, and I will be happy to set something up.

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Falls Park Engagement Photos, Greenville SC



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