The best way to learn more is to simply contact me and set up a personal meeting. But I know you have a busy life, so I have gathered some of my most frequently asked questions in this section so you can read more in the meantime.

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Pautz is pronounced like “Pouts”, but chances are if you mispronounce it I won’t even notice. I have had a lifetime to get used to it.

When I started my business, it would have been easy to choose a generic name that is easier to read. However, despite the difficulty of my name I chose to use it because there is a certain level of trust when it comes to hiring your photographer. When people book me, they know I am the photographer they will have at their wedding…my work is mine alone, and my couples know exactly what results to expect. My work has always had a more personal touch to it, so I didn’t want to hide behind a generic name.

My style can be described as candidartistic, dramatic,  and bold.

The best way I can describe how I work is that I photograph what is happening in front of me, as it unfolds. I walk into every wedding with a specific plan, but no pre-conceived notions of what that wedding should look like. I photograph based on raw emotion and mood, not based on checking a photo off a shot list. Working this way allows me to tell you and your fiance’s unique story in a very intimate, personal manner that is far more real and meaningful than the ‘cookie cutter’ treatment.

During the parts of the day that require posing, such as the family or group photos, I take a light, natural approach. My goal is to show people’s natural selves instead of forcing people into stuffy, awkward poses. When I pose you and your fiance, I direct you to interact with each other so I can capture your emotional connection instead of obsessing over the little nitpicky details. I supply enough direction so you always know what to do, but not so much that you look like you’ve been posed. Most people find my approach a lot of fun to work with, which is exactly what I want it to be.

In a world full of photographers who are content to do only what’s necessary to get by, I strive to be something more.  There are hundreds of wedding photographers in this area alone, and I think it is ironic that the only way a couple has to compare them is by their portfolios.  Wedding photography to me is so much more than beautiful wedding photos – it is about the entire experience.

The entire experience includes everything from how easy the booking process is to the speed that I turn around your final photos.  No one ever talks about things that are really important to making you happy before the wedding – Things like flexibility in accepting payments, friendliness when working with your families, or being available to answer your questions and put your mind at ease during the stressful planning process.  Many photographers care only as much as needed to get another booking, then they become slow or difficult to work with.  I am not like this.

I value your experience as much as I do your wedding photos.  Because of this, I do things very differently from other photographers.

  •  I only accept a limited number of weddings each year to avoid looking at people as numbers or contracts, and so I can always give your wedding the individual attention it deserves.
  •  In most cases I also limit weddings to a maximum of one wedding per weekend to avoid fatigue and burnout which would prevent me from performing to the best of my ability.
  • I require an in-person meeting / interview before booking, which is meant to ensure that we are an excellent fit – both stylistically and personally.  It is very important that your ideals, needs, and preferences mesh with your photographer, and this is how I can ensure you receive the absolute best experience possible.

In a world where everyone else views you as a number, make sure your photographer views  you as the unique couple you are.

Do you have any questions about my process?  Contact me today!

In the past, I have always photographed weddings as the sole shooter, and I am more than comfortable photographing any wedding in this manner.   Because of a high-energy approach to the wedding day, I have always done the work of 2 people myself.  However, in recent years, I have begun working more with assistants and 2nd photographers at weddings.  Now, I include an assistant or 2nd photographer with most weddings.

The benefits are numerous.

  • Having additional help means I can cover the ceremony from multiple angles without worrying about missing something.
  • It allows me to free up my energy and focus on the more difficult, creative photos without worry about missing the basic ones.
  • While I still prefer being the main photographer during all parts of the day, having extra help allows me to split up and cover two different things at once if necessary.

The people I work with are flexible and can assist me with the grunt work like carrying equipment and setting up my lighting; or they can help with the photography side of things when needed.  To maintain my signature photography style, I still like to use them as sparingly as possible.  I still like to be present at every portion of the wedding day myself to oversee, but I can have them cover things by themselves if necessary.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

I require a flat $800 non-refundable retainer due at the time of the contract signing, regardless of your chosen package. This contract is designed to protect both parties, and reserves your wedding day so no other bride can book it. Full payment is due 2 weeks before your wedding date, and I have many options for payment plans.

In my effort to give every couple a personalized experience, I also require an in-person meeting (or via Skype if out-of-town).  This is so I can make sure we are an excellent fit, and so I can give you the best possible photography experience.

Please note that I have to collect SC Sales tax if you are an in-state resident.  If so, the retainer ends up being $848 after taxes.

Cash or check is my preferred method of payment.  I can accept credit card payments but due to the high fees and other risks, I reserve it for emergencies when possible.

I am a firm believer in the idea and power of decentralized payment systems.  Therefore, I also accept cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Nano.  If this is something you are familiar with and the idea interests you, feel free to contact me for more information.

Yes.  I prefer natural reactions and situations unspoiled by direction, and the majority of my photos are shot in this candid style. However there are many times when posing is required: Couples photos, bride and groom portraits, bridesmaid and groomsmen group photos, family photos, etc.

In these situations, I provide direction and posing, but I do so in a more relaxed manner than traditional wedding photographers.  I will not over-pose people or move you like a Barbie doll, and I don’t care much about things like making sure everyone’s arm is at the same angle and position.  I believe these photos look forced and unnatural.  Instead, I direct and pose in a way that allows people to relax and be happy so their true personalities can come out – while still providing direction.

The way I direct you as a couple during the couple’s portraits is especially unique – It is easier for me to explain this process in person.  Contact me today to set up a meeting!

I pride myself on having a fast image turnaround without sacrificing editing quality. However, it does depend on my workload at the time. The official answer is to allow up to 4-6 weeks for a full wedding delivery.  This is because I do not sacrifice quality or individual attention for the sake of quicker deliveries during my busy seasons (Spring and Fall).  In reality, you can typically expect 2-3 weeks for weddings, and 1 week for engagements / bridals or other shoots during off seasons.

I make it no secret that I love engagement sessions, because of several reasons:

1)  We get a chance to meet and work together prior to the wedding, so you will know exactly what to expect later at your wedding.

2)  You will have photos that you can print and display at your wedding reception, and additional photos you can use for prints/albums.

3)  The wedding day can be very stressful with tight timelines and high expectations.  A zero-stress engagement session is the exact opposite, and can be an incredibly fun way to spend some quality time with your fiance.

For these reasons, booking an engagement session is an option I highly recommend.

I also offer extended engagements, which take place in further away or more exotic destinations. My mountain engagement sessions are great examples of these, but they can be done nearly anywhere. If you and your fiance are adventurous people and want something to match your larger-than-life personalities, this is the session for you.

Yes, and I am extremely passionate about albums. In our digital age where 5 years changes everything, albums remain steady, unchanging, and timeless . They will always be there for you whenever you want to relive your memories in perfect clarity and detail. I believe they are the single best way to show off your wedding photos, and I only trust the highest quality labs with your wedding memories.

I offer 8″x8″, 10″x10″, and 12″x12″ albums of various lengths and options, including various types of leather and colors. All albums feature lab quality photos printed directly on bonded, reinforced pages for strength and durability. They utilize a seamless gutter design which allows for beautiful panorama printing across a two page spread.

These albums are beautiful and best viewed in person, and I will be happy to show them during our initial consult.

Absolutely! I wouldn’t dream of shooting without either. I am fully insured for both liability/indemnity and equipment damage. I have an industry-standard contract that must be signed to save your wedding date

No.  I am a photographer through-and-through, and my goal is to provide the best possible photography experience.  If I were to try to offer both, one of the two would have to be subcontracted out to another individual, and there is no way to truly guarantee the quality.  It is always better to book photo and video separately if you are looking for the best experience with both.

I do have a short list of videographers I am happy to recommend, based on who I have enjoyed working with in the past.

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