Glassy Mountain Chapel Wedding Photos

Cliffs at Glassy Mountain wedding

Cliffs at Glassy Mountain Wedding

Kailee + Dillon

Landrum, South Carolina

If there is one thing I could say about Greenville wedding venues, it would be that a lot of variety can be found here. If you are getting married here, Greenville really does have it all. Modern wedding venues in the downtown area, a variety of gorgeous outdoor barns and venues in the outskirts, mansions venues, and of course – The iconic “Top of the world” feeling mountain venues. This is what I love about Cliffs at Glassy Chapel for wedding photography….You can get a beautiful mountain feel while still being close enough to Greenville to be convenient for your guests.

If you aren’t familiar, The Cliffs at Glassy Mountain is actually a housing community in the mountains that just so happens to have the perfect little mountain chapel on site. the Glassy Mountain Chapel is one of the most unique locations for a wedding ceremony in Greenville for many reasons. Not the least of which is a gorgeous sanctuary (Though admittedly tough to photograph) surrounded by one of the only places in the Greenville area where you can actually watch the sunrise and sunset as it dips below the horizon, unobstructed. In my world, that is a wedding photography dream. My wedding photography style is heavy on dramatic lighting, so of course my favorite venues are going to be ones where I can exploit that drama! And the Glassy Mountain Chapel is one of the best spots around for this.

Kailee and Dillon certainly thought so, and it’s environment was one of the primary reasons they chose it for their wedding. So take a look below to see what made Kailee and Dillon’s Glassy Mountain Chapel Wedding so special and unique!

Kailee and her bridesmaids decided to use an off-site location for their getting ready photos. Interestingly enough, they chose Katie Cotton’s studio in the Taylor’s Mill – Interesting because I have never photographed a wedding that used this location before, and it happened right before Katie moved to a new area closer to downtown Greenville. So this was my first and last time photographing here!

She utilized the Cliffs at Glassy Clubhouse for the remaining photos, which of course made sense for logistics. The Clubhouse is always a beautiful spot for getting dressed, and it was the perfect jumping off location for the rest of the day.

One of the things I look for when it comes to wedding photography is true emotion. Kailee and Dillon’s wedding photos are full of it…as you can easily see above during their “No look” First look. True emotion is impossible to fake, but it is a hallmark of my candid photography style. So when it happens, I always want to focus on capturing the mood above all else.

I love having plenty of free time for couple’s photos – Especially in a beautiful location like Glassy Mountain Chapel! These two really shine when they’re together, and I enjoyed every minute of their couple’s photos. And afterwards, it was off to another Cliffs property for the reception: The Cliffs Valley Clubhouse. Funny story, this was actually a complete surprise for me – I was originally told the reception would be back at the original Glassy Clubhouse. So imagine my surprise when I learned of the new location a mere 1 hour before having to be there to photograph the reception! So while I may have had to change my plans on the fly, it turned out to be an excellent spot for Kailee and Dillon’s wedding reception. All in all, it was a great night with a great couple, and I wouldn’t change that for anything.

As you can see, Katie and Dillon’s Glassy Mountain Chapel wedding was full of emotion from start to finish. From their tearful first touch together to the the tearful first dances at the reception – This one truly had it all. I hope you enjoyed the ride!

Planning your own wedding at the Cliffs at Glassy Chapel and like what you see above? Contact me today!

Special thanks to some of the other vendors who helped make this wedding day possible:
Bridal hair and makeup: Katie Cotton
Florist: Dahlia
Wedding Cake: Kathy and Company
Reception DJ: Justin, Uptown Entertainment

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