Greenville SC Destination Wedding at The Poinsett Hotel

Greenville SC Destination Wedding

Poinsett Hotel, Greenville

greenville sc destination wedding photos

Sometimes I forget that Greenville is slowly becoming a destination wedding city.  But the more I think about it, the more it makes sense.  It sits in a great location at the foot of the mountains, but is still close enough to the beach for a spur-of-the-moment trip.  The weather is usually nice with the exception of the soupy humidity of Summer, and it is home to one of the top rated downtowns in the the country.  Downtown Greenville is pretty unique in the South, and makes for a spectacular destination for a wedding….and that’s exactly what TJ and Kamena thought too.

TJ and Kamena live in California….and while Greenville has a nice charm, I still don’t think I would trade California weather for SC.  But then again, this was a different day from usual.  This wedding was all about the celebration, and as you may already know, celebrations are kind of my thing.  But it wasn’t just the reception that was special here – TJ and Kamena have a pretty special connection, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen two people as comfortable with each other as they were.  In fact, they were so happy and natural around each other that any wedding-day stress simply melted away.  Simply put, these two were meant for each other.

Look below, and you will see what I mean:

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greenville sc destination wedding photos Poinsett hotel wedding photos wedding dress hanging in window poinsett hotel wedding photos mother of the bride having makeup done before wedding wedding party getting ready at poinsett hotel Poinsett hotel wedding photos mother of the bride watching bride get ready for wedding bride checking hair out in mirror bride in dress before wedding closeup of details on bride's dress closeup of wedding dress details bride putting on red wedding shoes bride laughing while looking out window greenville sc destination wedding

One thing I enjoyed about TJ and Kamena’s Poinsett wedding was that it all took place at The Westin Poinsett. This makes it easier on me of course, since they got ready in the hotel, had cocktail hour above the lobby, and the reception in the Poinsett Ballroom.  And of course, we were able to use the surrounding outside area for photos as well.  That’s one of the best reasons to have a wedding at The Poinsett, especially a destination wedding like this one.

greenville sc destination wedding photos greenville sc destination wedding photos greenville sc destination wedding photos poinsett hotel wedding photos Destination wedding in Greenville Sc bride and groom laughing and holding hands closeup of wedding napkins wedding guests mingling at cocktail hour beautiful wedding cake Uptown Entertainment uplighting

Thanks to Justin of Uptown Entertainment for providing this excellent uplighting for the reception room.  It really helped create a unique mood to TJ and Kamena’s reception, especially once the dancing started.  And speaking of the dancing, this one was a real barn-burner.  I pride myself on being able to work with some amazing couples that truly let loose at the reception, but TJ and Kamena really ran with this one.  One of the more exciting receptions I have been a part of, with a lot of great moments…too many for this little blog.

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I hope you have enjoyed this look into TJ and Kamena’s gorgeous Greenville SC destination wedding!  These two truly are perfect for each other, and their wedding at the poinsett was the perfect way to celebrate the joining of their two families together.  Congratulations to you both!

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