Jeter Mountain Farm Wedding

Ah Caleigh and Joe…I know I say this a lot, but man, these two are awesome to work with.  They were one of my earliest booking couples, so we have a bit of a history.  Wayyyy back last year when we first worked together at their gorgeous mountain engagement session, I knew they were special.   When you think of the saying “you complete me”, this is the couple that embodies the idea.  Caleigh being the mile-a-minute one juggling 32000 different things at once on any given day, and Joe being the firmly-rooted one that steadies her hand when things start to get out of control.  They really are amazing together….and you know why I love my amazing couples – they take amazing photos together.  After all, who can be unhappy when you’re sharing one of your greatest days together with the one you were meant to be with?

And speaking of “meant-to-be”, their choice in wedding venue also falls into that category.  I have never photographed a Jeter Mountain Farm wedding before, and I had to look it up when Caleigh and Joe told me that’s where it would be.  After looking through things, I knew it was the right choice.  Caleigh and Joe apparently thought so too, because they never even looked at another venue – they booked it on the spot.  I’m glad they did, because it turned out to be the perfect setting for the wedding.

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Jeter mountain farm wedding jeter mountain farm weddingartistic bride and groom photosjeter mountain farm wedding

Caleigh and Joe began their day at Jeter Mountain Farm as well.  I always love one-location weddings because it makes things a little easier on me.  That’s what I say at least, but the real reason is it means I get to spend more time with everyone…and as we all know, the more time we have, the more I can experiment with photos.  Being my first Jeter Mountain Farm wedding, I wasn’t completely sure what I would be walking into.  I was very pleasantly surprised by the look and feel of the getting ready area here.  I have photographed at farms and in barns in the past, and they usually stick the wedding party in a stall somewhere which is a nightmare to work with for photography.  Here, I had a nice, open, bright dedicated prep space, and it complimented the wedding party perfectly.

jeter mountain farm wedding prep area closeup photo of bride getting eye makeup done before wedding bride having hair styled before wedding ceremony closeups of Bride getting her makeup done before wedding jeter mountain farm wedding bride prepping for her wedding at jeter mountain farm bridesmaid smiling goofy for camera maid of honor getting makeup done before wedding bridesmaid doing makeup before wedding Artistic Wedding Rings wedding dress and flowers

The groomsmen had a dedicated barn close by, and despite it being barn I was again pleasantly surprised with how nicely set up it was.  It didn’t look (or smell) like a barn, so it was a great experience.  5 minutes with Joe’s groomsmen was all I needed to know that they were going to be a handful once the booze started flowing – which is a great thing in my book.  This was one of my favorite groups this year – I love working with people who aren’t afraid to let loose and really celebrate, and Joe’s group didn’t disappoint.

groomsmen playing ping pong before getting ready for wedding groom getting dressed in barn at jeter mountain farm groomsman adjusting cufflinks groomsman getting dressed before wedding groomsmen getting dressed before wedding groom getting ready before wedding ceremony candid groomsmen portraits

Then it was back to the bridesmaids to finish up.  Caleigh’s gift exchange was an amazing experience to be a part of.  Emotions ran high here, and I loved every minute of it.

bride having veil put in steaming the bride's veil before wedding jeter mountain farm wedding bride crying while looking at father bride's gift to her father on wedding day bride hugging father before wedding bridesmaids crying during bridal gift exchange bridesmaid helping bride get dressed before wedding ceremony bridesmaids lacing up bride's dress

Caleigh and Joe held their ceremony right outside at Jeter Mountain Farm.  I couldn’t have asked for a better day for a wedding.

wedding ceremony at jeter mountain farm bride and father walking to ceremony at jeter mountain farm groom seeing bride for the first time at wedding bride walks with father down aisle at outdoor wedding ceremony outdoor wedding ceremony at jeter mountain farm jeter mountain farm wedding ceremony wedding ceremony at jeter mountain farm newlyweds walking away from wedding ceremony closeup of bride and groom under veil at sunset newlywed couple walking along fence at sunset closeup of bride and groom holding hands after wedding Jeter Mountain Farm wedding at sunset wedding photos at jeter mountain farm romantic bride and groom couple's photos jeter mountain farm wedding photos

Now for the real fun.  Their reception at Jeter Mountain Farm was full of contrasts – tearful and emotional speeches, and drunken celebrations…my kind of way to spend an evening.

jeter mountain farm at sunset closeup of personalized wedding cake bridesmaids pouring champagne during reception maid of honor giving speec at reception bride crying while bridesmaid delivers speech best man delivers funny speech at wedding reception bride and groom tearful first dance bride dances with fater at wedding reception jeter mountain farm wedding reception jeter mountain farm wedding reception wedding party dancing at reception jeter mountain farm reception groomsman having a lot of fun dancing at reception jeter mountain farm reception photos jeter mountain farm reception drunk dancing at wedding reception wedding party dancing at reception groomsman dancing at reception guest dancing at wedding reception at jeter mountain farm bride dancing with her father after wedding bride throwing her bouquet at jeter mountain farm reception child blowing bubbles while bride and groom dance jeter mountain farm reception photos black and white sparkler exit at Jeter mountain farm

I hope you enjoyed this look into Caleigh and Joe’s Jeter Mountain Farm wedding and reception!  And as always, special thanks to the wedding vendors that helped make this day possible:

Wedding Venue: Jeter Mountain Farm
Wedding Cake: Brittany Leigh Cakes
Hair/Makeup: Aaron Raines, Bo Stegall The Salon
Catering: Mutt’s BBQ
Reception DJ: Remarkable Receptions
Photography: Matthew Pautz Photography

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