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larkins sawmill wedding photos

Greenville, South Carolina

I’m not going to sugarcoat things…sometimes stuff goes wrong at weddings.  In fact, I would say the vast majority of weddings have something go wrong.  And I’m sure the Chantelle and Alex are tired of being reminded of it, but their wedding had it’s fair share of accidents and challenges.  Now stay with me for a minute, because this is going somewhere positive, but this was definitely a challenging day for them.  They had a beautiful outdoor ceremony setup, which unfortunately had to be called last minute due to a massive thunderstorm that would have hit right as the two were scheduled to walk down the aisle.  Then the backup location indoors unfortunately had a problem, which meant everyone had to scramble to retro-fit the reception space for the ceremony.  And all of this during a hot a humid day that with a malfunctioning air conditioner.  What a day!  So why am I telling you all this stuff that went wrong in a wedding blog that is happy and optimistic?  Because none of it matters.

That’s the thing about true love – it doesn’t care that the AC is out, or that it’s monsooning all over the ceremony location outside.  Love is the rock that anchors everything else down…it is a steadfast reminder of what a wedding TRULY is: the celebration of the joining of two lives together.  What did Alex and Chantelle do when things started going wrong around them?  They looked to each other.  They were there for each other, to comfort one another, and to remind each other that while a little rain may fall, it is hardly enough to move the rock that they built their lives around.  In fact, if you look at them in their couple’s photos, you won’t see a single ounce of worry or unhappiness in their faces.  All you see is that love they have for each other.  It was amazing to see, and I am humbled to have been a part of that day.

There’s much more to read below, but first, check out some of my favorites from Chantelle and Alex’s beautiful Larkins’ Sawmill wedding:

larkins sawmill wedding photos Larkins Sawmill Wedding Venue

This was my first time photographing a wedding at the Larkin’s Sawmill, and I was pleasantly surprised how conducive it was for my style of wedding photography.  The heavy clouds definitely helped soften the window light, and it turned the indoor space into a beautiful place for photos.  This became important later in the day when we realized the majority of the photos would need to be taken inside.  It was a wonderful setting for their wedding.

Wedding dress hanging in window at Larkins Sawmill couture cakes wedding cake Wedding flowers before wedding larkins sawmill wedding reception setup flower girl having hair done before wedding children getting hair done before wedding Groom putting on jacket before wedding Larkins sawmill wedding photos groom adjusting cuffs on jacket groomsman adjusting groom's bow tie before wedding groomsman tying tie before wedding larkins sawmill wedding photos Groom at larkins sawmill before wedding groomsmen posing along wall flower petals before wedding bride having makeup applied before wedding bride having makeup applied before wedding ceremony at larkins sawmill mother of the bride zipping up bride's wedding dress larkins sawmill wedding photos bride getting ready for wedding mother of bride adjusting wedding dress bride looking at camera and smiling while veil is being put in bridesmaids showing off fingernail art bridesmaids posing along wall at Larkins sawmill flower girls having fun before wedding ceremonyLarkins sawmill setup for reception flower girl dropping petals at wedding ceremony at larkins sawmill bride walking with father at wedding ceremony larkins sawmill indoor wedding ceremony photos larkins sawmill indoor wedding ceremony photos larkins sawmill wedding ceremony photos larkins sawmill wedding ceremony bride and groom walking together holding hands after ceremony larkins sawmill wedding photos bride kissing groom on cheek after wedding ceremony flower girl sleeping on couch after wedding ceremony

The Sawmill turned into a beautiful setting for the ceremony as well!  Chantelle and Alex hold the record so far for the fastest ceremony I’ve been a part of so far – barely 10 minutes.  Short and sweet, these two didn’t want to waste any time so they could get to the real fun: Their reception.  After a few couple’s photos indoors and their first dances, it was time for open bars and dancing.  My kind of reception party.

larkins sawmill wedding and reception photos larkins sawmill reception photos bride's father crying while dancing with daughter at wedding reception bride and her father dancing at wedding reception wedding photos at larkins sawmill larkins sawmill wedding photos dramatic night photo of bride and groom kissing guests dancing at wedding reception larkins sawmill reception photos wedding guests enjoying an open bar at reception wedding guests having fun with drinks in hand at wedding reception wedding guest with child on shoulders dancing at reception wedding guests having fun at reception larkins sawmill reception reception dancing at larkins sawmill guests dancing at larkins sawmill wedding reception larkins sawmill wedding reception photos guests dancing and having fun at larkins sawmill larkins sawmill wedding photos

See that last photo?  They decided to throw lavender for their exit.  This was the first time I’ve photographed a lavender exit, but it was perfect.  Plus it helped me sleep like a baby that night.

Remember what I said about things going wrong during the wedding?  Did you feel like anything was going wrong in the photos as you scrolled through?  Not at all, and it’s because these two are truly perfect for each other.  I wish Alex and Chantelle a wonderful lifetime together – and if anything goes unexpectedly in the future, just grab a hold of each other and remember the only thing that matters: Your love for each other.

Special thanks to all the wedding vendors involved today:

Wedding Venue: Larkin’s Sawmill
Catering: Larkin’s Catering

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