Charleston Engagement Photos at Magnolia Plantation

Lily + Evan

magnolia plantation engagement photos

Charleston, South Carolina

Magnolia Plantation is one of those truly special locations that a Greenville wedding photographer like me has always wanted to photograph, but never seemed to have it work out due to the distance.  Despite living in South Carolina, my area doesn’t have a lot of the traditional Southern charm when it comes to engagement locations.  What I’m talking about are things like Spanish moss hanging from old coastal trees, beautiful sandy ground, and that southern architecture that is so unique.  Not complaining of course, since Greenville has so many other strengths – but Charleston Engagement photos at a place like Magnolia Plantation has a completely different vibe and feel to it from what I’m used to.  And if you know me, you know I love different.

And that in itself was another challenge.  Magnolia Plantation engagement photos are something new to me, but for couples living in Charleston, it’s the equivalent of the ‘same old same old’.  So how could I put a more unique spin on something that was already unique to me, but common to the locals?  Easy – the same thing I do with all my engaged couples – focus on them.  After all, that’s what it’s all about, right?  The location is simply a backdrop – a setting that the couple gets to enjoy together.  So I take elements of the location and use it to show the story of the couple without (hopefully) making it the same old cheesy stuff.  Lily and Evan were the perfect couple for this!  You can see below in their photos, how they completely melt when they look into each other’s eyes…everything else falls away.  So in essence, they were the perfect couple for this perfect location.  I really couldn’t ask for anything more.

Check out some of my favorites from their session below!

engaged couple hugging in Charleston Sc Magnolia Plantation engagement photos engaged couple laughing and hugging Engagement session at Magnolia Plantation, Charleston SC closeup of engaged couple holding hands Charleston engagement photos Magnolia Plantation engagement photos silhouette of engaged couple in charleston magnolia plantation engagement engaged couple dancing on a bridge over water in Charleston SC charleston sc engagement photo engaged couple at magnolia plantation magnolia plantation engagement photos magnolia plantation engagement photos Couple laughing together engaged couple laughing together magnolia plantation engagement photos magnolia plantation engagement photos magnolia plantation engagement photos magnolia plantation engagement photos

I’ve always said that fun couples take fun photos, and Lily and Evan are a fun couple.  It was actually difficult to catch them not smiling or laughing together.  I can’t wait to work with these two again for their wedding this year!

I hope you have enjoyed this sample from Lily and Evan’s Magnolia Plantation Engagement Photos, and don’t forget to check out some of my other engagements here.


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