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Poinsett Club Bridal Photos | The Poinsett Club | Greenville SC

Anna Catherine

Poinsett Club Bridal Photos

Have you ever been to The Poinsett Club before?  This was actually my first time photographing here, despite living within a few miles of it.  I knew it was beautiful, since it has been one of Greenville’s top wedding venues for decades.  However, nothing could really prepare me for the level of elegance I saw when I arrived.  The perfect blend of class and old world southern styling, it made a perfect backdrop for Anna Cat’s bridal photo session.  It was also the logical choice, since her wedding ceremony would be held there the following month.  Update – View Anna Catherine’s wedding here.

Bridal photos are always an odd contradiction for a non-traditional photographer like me because they are a very traditional idea that dates back way before the time of things like mountain elopements or engagement sessions.  But there is a reason they have survived through all the changes in the wedding photography industry – They are a simple, elegant way to have portraits taken without the stress of a chaotic wedding day getting in the way.  Of course it doesn’t hurt to have a wonderful bride in a perfect dress and a happy outlook on life.  Everything really came together, and I greatly enjoyed working with both Anna Catherine and The Poinsett Club for her bridal photos.

Enjoy some of my favorites below!


Bride posing in front of a window at The Poinsett Club in Greenville SC Poinset Club bridal photos bride adjusting her veil at the poinsett club back of bride's wedding dress bride's reflection in a mirror Bride in wedding dress posing in front of window at The Poinsett Club Bridal portrait at The Poinsett Club Bride walking down stairs at The Poinsett Club Bride in dress posing out in front of the Poinsett Club Bride touching books in library bride in wedding dress looking up over a book silhouette of bride in the window at the poinsett club in Greenville sc bride laughing in front of window

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