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Rainy day engagement photos

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Unless this is the first post of mine you’ve read, you probably already know that I am a candid wedding photographer.  At our first meeting, I always tell my couples that the best way I can describe how I work is “I photograph what is happening in front of me, as it happens”.  But this is really only half of the story, because everyone needs a little direction or prompting during a wedding or session.  So really, the more accurate statement is that I am not obsessed with perfection, and I hate the idea of staging something simply for the sake of it.  This is why I rarely tell people to stare at the camera, and why I don’t do forced, contrived, cheesy group photos.  What I really want to do is tell the story of that day –  whether it is a wedding or an engagement, I want the story to be equal parts accurate and honest; and equal parts artistic and creative.

How does that all fit into this engagement session?  Well, it rained….severely.  But instead of packing up and going home, I wanted to shoot through it…because that’s what happened that day.  It was part of that day’s story.  In my mind, there is no need to pretend that it didn’t happen, or call it and go home because everyone’s hair and clothing would get wet and “ruin” the photos.  In my mind, that’s what makes the day special and unique…so after giving Kacey and Greg the option of packing up or moving ahead (I never force my ideas on anyone!), they agreed they wanted to stick around and see what happened.  They are like a lot of my couples – adventurous, fun-loving people who are up for just about anything and don’t care that their photos wouldn’t be “perfect”, with perfectly styled hair, matching outfits, and specifically crafted photos.  And so what we got was something that was “perfectly them”, which is what my main goal always is.

“Perfectly them”…two people who don’t run from a little unexpected rain, and who would rather stick around and laugh a little longer.  That’s what I call a good story.

It’s also why I have equipment insurance.

Check out some of my favorites from Kacey and Greg’s rainy day engagement session below!

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