Mountain Engagement at Silver Fork Winery | Chris + Melissa

Silver Fork Winery Engagement Photos – Morganton North Carolina

Silver Fork Winery
Black Balsam Knob, NC
Blue Ridge Parkway, NC

I love my clients!  It’s so strange…in the photography world, a photographer tends to attract a certain type of client.  Our photographic style is a reflection of who we are – we shoot the way we feel, put it up on the website, and it tends to attract like-minded clients who identify with that style.  My style tends to be bold, candid, artistic, and adventurous….and that’s exactly the type of person that tends to hire me as a photographer.  Two of those clients are Chris and Melissa.  They are a wonderful, vibrant couple that are all about sharing their experiences together.  That’s what life is all about anyway, right?  And boy, do they share experiences.  I am a bit jealous of their lifestyles.  Melissa stays busy as an owner at Skyland Animal Hospital  in Asheville North Carolina.  Their free time is completely packed with adventure – Sometimes small adventures like running in locak 5k races, and sometimes huge like traveling through Mexico to witness the migration the Monarch Butterflies.  So when they contacted me about doing something a bit different for their engagement session, I jumped at the chance for another adventure.

Melissa and Chris are getting married next year at the Silver Fork Winery – a beautiful winery in the mountains of North Carolina.  As a location, it is already something different, but since we all enjoy hiking and the great outdoors, we wanted to make it even more personal.  So we extended it to another location – one of my favorite photo locations – Black Balsam Knob on the Blue Ridge Parkway.  If this area sounds familiar, it’s because I’ve shot here before: For Matt and Lee, and Allison and Kevin’s engagement sessions.  It’s a favorite of mine from my landscape photography days, and I love using the area for adventurous couples that want their photos to show them doing what they love together.

If that wasn’t enough by itself, we also decided to try something totally new: To incorporate some astrophotography with their engagement photos while at Silver Fork.  This was by far the most difficult type of photo I’ve ever attempted.  Night photography is completely different from portrait and engagement photography in every way – it requires perfect dark sky conditions, and has a unique set of challenges to overcome from focus challenges to lighting difficulties, and requires a ton of planning.   Not all my clients are adventurous enough to want to take photos in the dead of night, under a moonless sky miles and miles from civilization, so thank you to Melissa and Chris for allowing me the opportunity to attempt such a rewarding challenge.  I am looking forward to working for with Melissa and Chris in the future.  Check out a few of my favorite images from this engagement session below:

Do you and your fiance also want engagement photos like these? Mountain engagement photos are a specialty of mine, and I offer these photo adventures as part of my Extended Engagement packages.  Contact me today!

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