Wedding Photos at The Southern Bleachery, Taylors SC

Wedding at The Southern Bleachery

bride and groom dancing outside before wedding reception

Angel + Kenny

Taylors, SC

If you keep up with my wedding blogs, or are one of the few people that read everything instead of skipping down to the more interesting wedding photos, you know I write these mostly to focus on the wedding venue.  There is a reason for this…after all most couples who find this probably arrived here after searching for wedding venues in Taylors SC.  So I like to not only describe the photography and process, but also the strengths in that particular venue so it can be a little more helpful than just looking at the photos.  The Southern Bleachery is the perfect example of why I do this – it is a rather unique venue with a unique history, and the styling really accentuates the photography.

If you aren’t yet familiar, The Southern Bleachery is actually part of the old Taylors Mill, a once-abandoned textile mill that had fallen in disrepair over the years.  After a hefty revitalization project, the mill has been transformed into a housing space for a huge variety of businesses – artists and fellow photographer’s studios, meeting spaces, even a brewery.  It has also long been used as a location for various photoshoots.  Urban decay mixed with accessibility and a loft / warehouse mood is incredibly versatile as a backdrop for all sorts of photography.  In fact, look on my blog in the future for a bridal session I will be publishing soon.  In short it is a wedding photographer’s playground and dream come true.  So I had been looking forward to working here for Angel and Kenny’s wedding for quite a while.  After all, they were a lively, adventurous, active couple (As you can clearly see in their engagement photos), and we really clicked (pun intended) when it came to my wedding photography style.  So sit back and enjoy a few of my favorites from Angel and Kenny’s wedding, and don’t forget to check out more of the story along the way!

night photos at the southern bleachery

Let’s do something different and start with the groomsmen for once.  This was a unique wedding in that the couple built a very generous timeline that allowed me to fully cover both the groomsmen and bridesmaids – a luxury in the world of wedding photography.  Since everyone was getting ready on site in different rooms, this was a piece of cake.  Add in a groom with an incredible presence and the warehouse styling of The Southern Bleachery and you have a recipe for very unique groomsmen photos.  Kenny was one of my favorite grooms I have ever had the pleasure of working with.  You will see why later during the couple’s photos.

groom getting dressed for wedding Candid wedding photos at the southern bleachery in taylors groomsman helping groom get dressed at the southern bleachery The southern bleachery wedding photos groom sitting with hands folded unique groom portrait before wedding

wedding ring detail photo
I love it when I actually have time to photograph wedding details like the rings!

Wedding table decoration ideas Bridesmaid getting her makeup done before wedding Bride having hair styled before wedding at The Southern Bleachery Bride checking makeup out in a handheld mirror Bride looking at wedding gift bride putting shoes on mother of bride helping bride lacing up wedding dress bride hugging her father before wedding ceremony father of bride crying after seeing bride for the first time bride crying softly before wedding The southern bleachery wedding photos bridesmaid portrait at the southern bleachery

The photo above is one of my all-time favorite bridal party photos.  Like I mentioned above, I rarely get a timeline that allows for exploring new ideas – photos like these are usually the results.  It certainly doesn’t hurt that the Angel was incredibly easy to work with and super receptive to me trying things.

After everyone was ready, it was time for the ceremony.  Indoor ceremonies can be difficult to photograph but lots of window light meant lots of good angles to try.  And the look on Kenny’s face when he saw Angel for the first time was priceless.

custom wedding cookies unique wedding cake ideas The southern bleachery wedding ceremony location bridesmaids taking a selfie in dressesbridesmaids comforting bride before wedding  groom smiling at bride walking down the aisle bridesmaid crying during wedding ceremony wedding ceremony photos at the southern bleachery the southern bleachery wedding ceremony wedding party portrait at the southern bleachery bride and groom after the ceremony romantic bride and groom couple's photos The southern bleachery wedding photos The southern bleachery wedding groom and bride laughing together at wedding

After some truly fun couple’s photos, I found myself in one of the wildest wedding receptions I’ve photographed to date.  It was so wild that it was actually incredibly difficult to photograph!  But I love a good challenge, and I think they really capture the energy of that night.

bride dancing with father at reception wedding reception photos at the southern bleachery wedding reception at the southern bleachery wedding toasts at reception wedding photos taken at the southern bleachery energetic dancing photos at wedding reception wedding guests dancing at reception  sorority dancing at wedding reception the southern bleachery wedding photos bridesmaids singing to bride and wedding reception bride dancing hard at reception wedding reception bouquet toss garter toss at wedding groomsman showing off with garter at reception Reception dancing photos

Thank you so much for tuning in for Angel and Kenny’s Southern Bleachery wedding!  This was one to remember, and I hope you enjoyed seeing this glimpse into their day.

Special thanks to the vendors that helped make this all happen!

Wedding venue: The Southern Bleachery
Catering: Good Life Catering
Alcohol: Liquid Catering
Wedding Cake: Bakery off Augusta

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