Spring Wedding at Larkins Cabaret Room and Wyche Pavilion Wedding

Wedding at Larkins Cabaret Room

Wyche Pavilion Wedding

Ashley + Chris

Larkin's wedding photos | Greenville wedding photographers

Greenville, South Carolina

I am convinced Greenville is one of the best places for wedding photography anywhere.  Well, now it is at least – it wasn’t always like this.  But Greenville is consistently ranked one of the top places to live in the U.S., and is one of the fastest growing areas as well.  One of the biggest reasons for Greenville’s recent Renaissance was the introduction and protection of it’s downtown area.  Fall’s Park, Reedy River, and the entirety of Main street is unlike anywhere else in the country.  So when I get a couple that wants to have their beautiful wedding right in the heart of downtown Greenville SC (Another Wyche Pavilion wedding – my favorite!), it always makes me happy.

A downtown Greenville wedding can be difficult to manage logistically with multiple locations, parking issues, weekend crowds, etc.  But the rewards are endless.  In fact, I wouldn’t call these problems at all.
The reality is that you have nearly unlimited wedding venues and locations to choose from, each with their own unique style (a wedding photographer’s dream), and all within walking distance.  Ashley and Chris knew this and capitalized on it.  Their wedding was a doozy – 6 locations in the Greenville area, a full day of events, and one WILD reception – my favorite kind of wedding.  The kind where I know I will wake up the next morning sorer than if I had ran a marathon, but I simply don’t care because every minute of the experience is worth the pain tenfold.

I love what I do, and couples like Ashley and Chris make me love it even more.  From the beginning, I knew they were the perfect couple.  Equal parts classy, yet still wild and fun, they had always put an emphasis on the candid, fun moments when it came to their wedding photography. They wanted to remember their wedding like they wanted to live their lives together: No holding back, nothing fake…only true, candid moments mixed with some wild and crazy fun.  And this is how their Wyche Pavilion wedding was, from start to finish.  I was lucky to be a part of it.

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Frank's Gentleman's Salon, Greenville SC Frank's Gentleman's Salon Groomsman at Frank's Salon, Downtown Greenville SC  Frank's Gentleman's Salon groomsmen photos  Groom getting a salon shave before wedding Frank's Gentleman's Salon wedding photosCloseup of groom getting a shave at frank's gentleman's salon in Greenville sc

The groomsmen began their day at Frank’s Gentleman’s Salon downtown, while the girls got ready at Millie Lewis, which happened to be owned by Ashley’s Aunt and Uncle.  This was my first time at Millie Lewis, but hopefully not my last.  And I always love working at Frank’s – It’s a unique view into the finer side of life.  And if you’re ever going to treat yourself to a classy straight-razor shave, there is no better time than your wedding day.

bridesmaids get ready for wedding at Millie Lewis, Greenville SC   Millie Lewis SalonMillie Lewis Greenville wedding photo  Millie Lewis salon for wedding hair bride posing with dog before wedding

From here, the girls moved to their room at the Embassy Suites in downtown Greenville.  This recently opened hotel was beautiful, and a perfect complement to their wedding day.  And what a view from their balcony!

Embassy Suites Riverplace Downtown Greenville SC Embassy Suites bridal suite, downtown greenville sc Wedding dress photo at Embassy Suites Riverplace   Embassy Suites Riverplace wedding photosPanorama view of downtown Greenville SC From Embassy Suites Riverplace Closeup of details of wedding dress Greenville SC Wedding photographers Closeup of bride's shoes Bridesmaid smiling before wedding Bridesmaids before wedding reading letters Bride toasting champagne with bridesmaids before wedding in Greenville SC Mother of bride reads letter before wedding in Greenville SC Bride hugs mother before wedding  Embassy Suites Greenville wedding photosBridesmaids see bride in dress for first time  Father of bride sees daughter before wedding  Up on The Room wedding Photos, Greenville SC Father of bride after seeing daughter for first time

The look on her father’s face says it all.

Groomsmen getting dressed for wedding in Greenville SC Groomsmen getting ready before wedding Father of the Groom reading letter before wedding Groomsmen getting ready before wedding Groom hugging father before wedding Grooms getting dressed for wedding groom portrait before wedding Groomsmen laughing and having fun before wedding Downtown Greenville SC Wedding Photos Greenville SC wedding photos at Larkin's

Their ceremony took place in the beautifully-decorated Cabaret Room at Larkin’s on the River.  The details and styling of the room was perfect, one of the best I’ve ever seen.

Larkin's Cabaret Room wedding photos  Larkin's cabaret room wedding photos Larkin's Cabaret Room wedding photos Larkin's Cabaret Room wedding photos Larkin's Cabaret room wedding Cabaret Room wedding Larkin's wedding photos

The reception took place at larkin’s Wyche Pavilion, a popular open location right on the Reedy River.  As you will see, they really know how to celebrate.  Shimmer Band provided the live music, and their presence really created a unique celebration that was as classy as it was crazy.  I highly recommend them if you are looking for a live band at your reception.

Wyche Pavilion wedding photos Wedding flowers at Wyche Pavilion Greenville Wyche Pavilion wedding First dance photos at Wyche Pavilion Reception First dance photos at Wyche Pavilion Reception Wyche Pavilion wedding photos Bride dances with father at Greenville's Wyche Pavilion Wyche Pavilion wedding reception photos larkin's Wyche Pavilion wedding photos Wyche pavilion wedding Wyche Pavilion dancing photos Wedding reception at Wyche Pavilion Wedding Cake in Greenville SC Greenville Wyche Pavilion wedding Wyche Pavilion reception photos wedding rings on bridal bouquet Shimmer Band wedding reception Greenville SC Larkin's Wyche Pavilion wedding photos Shimmer Band wedding reception Wedding Guests dancing at Larkin's wyche pavilion wedding Larkin's wyche pavilion wedding photos Greenville SC Wedding Photos Night wedding photos in Greenville SC Larkin's wedding photosWyche Pavilion wedding photos wyche pavilion wedding at night Wyche Pavilion night wedding photos Larkin's wedding photos Shimmer Band wedding photos in Greenville SC Shimmer Band wedding reception Wyche Pavilion wedding sparkler exit Sparkler exit at wyche pavilion wedding Greenville SC Falls Park on the Reedy at Night

As  you can see, Ashley and Chris’ Larkin’s wedding was truly one to remember.  I loved every minute of it, and just like I predicted, my bones were definitely sore the next day.  And also like I predicted, it was worth it tenfold.  Congratulations to Ashley and Chris!

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Please take a moment to check out some of the vendors that came together to make this day possible:

Ceremony: Larkin’s Cabaret Room
Reception: Wyche Pavilion
Groom Preparations: Frank’s Gentleman’s Salon
Bride Preparations: Millie Lewis Greenville, Embassy Suites Riverplace
Photography: Matthew Pautz Photography
Videography: Waters Cinema
Bridal hair/makeup: Ashley, Verb Beauty Studio
Live music: Shimmer Band
Catering: Larkin’s Catering
Wedding Cake: Larkin’s 
Coordinator: Farrah Redmon
Florist: Modfete
Greenville SC Wedding Photographer Matthew Pautz Photography | Larkin’s wedding | larkins cabaret room wedding | Wyche pavilion wedding

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