Summer Mountain Engagement Photos

Summer Mountain Engagement Photos | Black Balsam Engagement Photos

Matt + Ericka

black balsam knob engagement

Do you know what I love about mountain engagement photos in the Summer?  Everything.  So hot outside that you can fry an egg on the sidewalk?  Not in the mountains.  Can’t see the sunset because something is blocking the sun?  Not in the mountains.  Tired of the same old engagement photos you always see everywhere else?  ….Not in the mountains.

Summer mountain engagement photos are the perfect way to announce an engagement…or maybe even just grab some amazing couple’s photos.  I have never had a bad time in the mountains for an engagement session.  Sure an engagement session in the mountains has it’s challenges, but it is ALWAYS worth it.  Take Ericka and Matt for example.  This was their third…yes third try for their engagement session.  First time was completely rained out.  The second time, we at least made it to Asheville, but had to call it due to rain immediately after arriving.  But as with most things in life, the third time is the charm.  Ironically, they originally wanted a split session with half in the mountains and half in Asheville NC, but an interstate closure changed those plans, and we decided to just focus on the mountain aspect.  I am so glad we decided to go that route, because what happened after that can only be described as the ultimate culmination of everything I dream of when it comes to engagement photos: A perfect couple, a great location, and beautiful lighting.

Seriously, I could not have asked for a better situation.  Plus, the Summer light created that beautiful orange glow that we all know and love.  Couples like Ericka and Matt make be love being an engagement photographer, and sunset in the mountains make me happy to be alive.

Check out some of my favorites from their Black Balsam engagement below:

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black balsam knob engagement photo Sunset silhouette prism engagement photo tall grasses at black balsam knob mountain engagement photo in tall grass woman leading fiance by the hand while walking couple kissing among tall grasses at black balsam knob girl laying head against fiance's chest in the mountains engaged couple kissing on a mountain top black balsam knob engagement photos engaged couple hugging at sunset in blue ridge mountains engaged couple hiking at black balsam knob mountain engagement photos closeup of couple's feet in the mountains man leaning woman back while kissing Asheville mountain engagement photos Summer mountain engagement photo at sunset sunset mountain engagement photo prisming for engagement photo man leading woman by hand while hiking in the mountains at sunset mountain engagement photo at sunset mountain engagement photo summer engagement photo in the mountains couple walking into the sunset on a mountain sunset engagement silhouette engagement photos silhouette of a couple at sunset in the mountains

If you ever want a chance at having unique engagement photos along with a mini-adventure and a story to tell….The mountains are always the best choice.  Contact Me today if you want your own mountain engagement photos!

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