Sunrise Wedding Proposal Photos at Pretty Place Chapel

 Sunrise Proposal at Pretty Place Chapel

Josh + Madi

Greenville, South Carolina

Photographing a proposal is an incredible experience, for both the couple and the photographer. For me, proposal photography is the perfect representation of everything I love about wedding photography: The first half is purely candid photography, and the second half is purely creative couple’s photography. Well, at least that’s the way I approach photographing a wedding proposal. At the end of the day, I want my couples to have more than just a record of what happened and how – I also want them to have some great take-home couple’s photos that they can then use for memories, save-the-dates, wall art…whatever they desire.

So when Josh contacted me about photographing his mountain proposal at Pretty Place Chapel, I was ecstatic! Proposals aren’t an everyday thing I get to photograph and they always end up as fun experiences. But it’s even rarer to photograph a proposal at Pretty Place Chapel, one of my favorite locally famous wedding venues. On top of that, they decided to do it at sunrise, which is what Pretty Place Chapel is truly known for: Perfect photo-worthy sunrises. This was one of the few occasions where I was ok with waking up at 5am for a photo session…in fact, I encouraged it.

So what we ended up with was a once-in-a-lifetime wedding proposal captured at a remarkable venue during the most interesting (And challenging) time to photograph a proposal: Sunrise. Check out some of my favorites from this sunrise proposal below!

I can just feel the joy in Josh and Madi’s sunrise proposal photos. They risked early mornings, unknown weather, and potential crowds for their proposal…and it all worked out flawlessly in the end. Congratulations to the happy couple!

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  1. Hi, I was wondering when in the year that this happened? And were there any crowds you had to negotiate with? Thank you!

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