Sunset Mountain Engagement in North Carolina

Sunset Mountain Engagement Pictures in North Carolina

Sunset Mountain Engagement Photos

Mountain engagements are a popular option with my couples, and for good reason. It is a fun and freeing experience and the perfect excuse to get outdoors with your partner while simultaneously getting some beautiful engagement photos. It is the polar opposite of a stuffy, boring, traditional engagement photo session…and in my opinion, they are much better at showing off a couple’s true personalities. But mountain engagement sessions are not without their challenges either.

Take Amanda and Matt here – An adventurous couple that is quite obviously head over heels for each other (Just look at those photos and tell me it isn’t obvious!). A mountain engagement was the obvious choice for these two, but it was no cake walk either. After getting lost on some poorly marked mountain roads, they ended up starting the session nearly an hour late, racing the sunset. And since it’s a mountain session, that meant some fast hiking! In fact, we practically had to jog to get to the location before sunset, which is quite a challenge…especially with 30lbs of camera equipment and a couple dressed in the opposite of trail running clothes.

But as a couple, they proved they were stronger together. Engagement sessions have a weird way of testing some relationships, especially when there is some added stress involved. These two were so natural and perfect together that we were able to get an entire session done in a third the normal time. I’ve always said that my engagement photography is all about the couple, and the environment merely sets the mood. Never before has this been more true, and these two really showed their true colors here. So take a look through a few of my favorites and see for yourself!

Couple walking into the mountains at sunset
Max patch engagement photos
engaged couple jumping into each other's arms
sunset engagement photos
engaged couple leading each other through tall grass
engaged couple sitting and enjoying a mountain view together
mountain engagement sunset
engagement photo in tall grass
engaged couple laughing and having fun
engaged couple hugging on mountaintop at sunset
mountain engagement photo with dogs
couple sitting in tall grass enjoying a mountain view
engaged couple kissing in the mountains
engagement photos at Max Patch
Max Patch mountain engagement photos

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