Timberrock at Hopkins Farm Wedding

Hopkins Farm wedding photos

Simpsonville, South Carolina

Hannah + Jason

Timberrock at Hopkins Farm wedding Photos

“I just want perfect photos of this imperfect day”

These words were said by the bride toward the end of her Timberrock at Hopkins Farm wedding, after a day filled with rain, cancelled plans, and delays.  I thought I felt a little weariness in her voice, which after the day she had I can completely understand.  But then again, what is perfection…or imperfection for that matter?  I am not shy about speaking my mind on these things, and I openly admit that nearly every single wedding has something go wrong.  Over the years, my views on wedding photography have changed drastically, from fearing these problems to embracing them and rolling with them.  To me, the little imperfections of the day are what I look for.  Everything is a memory and deserves to be documented – including the rain, the rushing around, or little things like a defective unity candle that wouldn’t light at the ceremony.  Strong people are made in times of stress, and how they react to it is when people really show who they are.  I have always talked in these blogs about how the couple is what makes good wedding photography – not the details, not the location, or the decorations.  The couple takes center stage, and everything that happens around them just falls in as a backdrop.  Well I can confidently say that Hannah and Jason are one of the best couples I have seen so far.

Throughout this small sample of wedding photos, I got to see more emotion than and entire year of normal weddings.  I got to see more singing talent from the couple and their family than a year of live wedding bands.  And as much happiness as I’ve ever seen before.  So really, with what I value for wedding photography, what were these imperfections throughout the wedding day?  Imperfections are meaningless except to embellish an already-incredible story.  Imperfections are perfection.

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Groomsman adjusting cufflinks while getting ready for wedding groomsmen getting ready for wedding ceremony Groomsman lighting a cigarette while getting ready Groom buttoning up shirt before wedding groom getting ready for wedding ceremony groom preparing for wedding ceremony at Hopkins Farm flower girl having makeup applied before wedding ceremony bride getting makeup ready for wedding bridesmaids helping bride with her wedding dress bride looking nervous before first look with the groom bride getting dress on for wedding bride looking back at bridesmaids after getting dressed Bride drying her eyes with handkerchief while getting ready wedding photos at Hopkins Farm bride crying after seeing groom for the first time before wedding flower girls watching a wedding from around a corner Timberrock at Hopkins Farm wedding photos Hopkins Farm wedding photos bride walking with her bridesmaids during rainy wedding father walking bride down the aisle at Hopkins Farm Flower girl crying during wedding ceremony bride and groom having trouble lighting a unity candle at wedding ceremony Timberrock at Hopkins Farm wedding photos Timberrock at Hopkins Farm wedding photos

Just to set the stage for the reception, everyone seems to sing…and sing very well at that.  It was some of the best I’ve ever heard, including from wedding bands I’ve worked with in the past.  Needless to say, Hannah and Jason’s reception at Hopkins Farm was filled with fun, dancing, drinking, and celebrating as well as some some seriously meaningful moments.  I was very happy to be able to watch this happen.

Father of the bride singing during first dance Bride singing to groom during wedding reception at Hopkins Farm bride singing to groom during wedding reception Bride and groom hugging during wedding reception Bride dancing with her father at wedding reception Bride crying while dancing with her father at wedding reception groom dancing with his mother at reception Reception at Hopkins Farm Reception photos at Timberrock at Hopkins Farm bride hugging her mother at wedding reception groom smoking at night kids dancing at wedding reception children dancing at wedding reception wedding guests dancing at reception groomsman singing at wedding reception Timberrock at Hopkins Farm wedding photos Father of the bride singing at wedding Groom reacting to last dance at reception bride laughing while groom cries at wedding reception wedding guests dancing with child at wedding bridesmaid laughing after bouquet toss romantic wedding reception dancing photos groom having fun at wedding reception timberrock at hopkins farm wedding photos rainy day wedding photos Timberrock at hopkins farm sparkler exit

Thanks again for tuning in for these highlights from Hannah and Jason’s Timberrock at Hopkins Farm wedding!  It was an incredible day filled with wonderful memories and amazing people – I hope you enjoyed it.


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