Wedding at the Huguenot Loft

Wedding at the Huguenot Loft

Huguenot Loft Wedding Photos

Greenville, South Carolina

Isn’t the night skyline in Greenville gorgeous? It is for wedding photography, at least in the right spots. And one of my favorite spots just happens to be right outside Sarah and Brent’s wedding venue choice: The Huguenot Loft, at the Peace Center in Greenville. Who are Sarah and Brent? No big deal, they are only one of my favorite couples of 2019! But as you know, I value personal privacy in my blogs and don’t like to jump too much into my couples’ stories. But to say these two were fun to work with was an understatement. The amount of confidence these two generate between them is amazing, and they can’t help but turn every head in the room when they walk in. Add in the fact that Brent is a Firefighter for Greenville (I was in training to be a firefighter before I got into photography) and the fact that he wanted to use his station’s fire truck as a prop in some of the photos, and you have the makings of some unique wedding photography!

As far as wedding venues go, the Huguenot Loft is one of my favorites in Greenville. While there are some challenges with the ceremony location due to space and lighting, the Loft has one of the best reception spaces anywhere around. I say that because it perfectly matches the aesthetic I use to photograph wedding receptions…Beautiful brick walls and gorgeous wooden floors, with the ability for me to restrict and control the lighting for my signature photography style, and plenty of space to set up my equipment and move around. This is my photography playground. But while I specialize in wedding receptions, that is only a small piece of the day! The Huguenot Loft is also located right in the middle of downtown, within walking distance of several of my all time favorite photography locations, the Peace Center, bridges, Falls Park….everything I love about wedding photography all rolled up in one. I don’t know why it took so long for me to discover this wedding venue, but the Huguenot Loft is always fun for me to photograph a wedding in.

Just check out some of my favorite wedding photos below, and check out my new blog image format while you’re at it!

Huguenot Loft wedding photos
Bella Blooms wedding flowers
artistic wedding photo of bride getting ready for wedding
bridesmaid applying makeup before wedding ceremony
wedding party getting ready for wedding
bride getting ready for wedding
wedding photos at huguenot loft
Huguenot loft wedding photography
bride admiring engagement ring on her finger
bridesmaid adjusting bride's dress before wedding ceremony
hotel wedding photos
huguenot loft wedding photos
Bride getting ready before wedding ceremony at huguenot loft
father of bride seeing bride for first time
father of the bride reveal
bride crying after seeing father for first time before wedding
bride and father first look
wedding party photos in downtown greenville
groom getting dressed before wedding ceremony
groomsman helping groom get ready for wedding at huguenot loft
groom putting on jacket before wedding
groom adjusting cuffs before wedding
huguenot loft wedding photography
huguenot loft wedding ceremony setup
reception decorations at huguenot loft
huguenot loft wedding cake
custom decorations at huguenot loft wedding
bride and her father walking down the aisle together at huguenot loft wedding
groom sees bride walking down the aisle at huguenot loft
huguenot loft wedding photos
huguenot loft wedding photographer
firefighter wedding party photo
huguenot loft wedding photo
huguenot loft wedding photo
bride and groom photos outside the huguenot loft in downtown greenville
huguenot loft wedding reception
bride and groom entrance at huguenot loft wedding reception
bride and groom's first dance at wedding reception
huguenot loft reception photos
best man gives speech at wedding reception
hugenot loft wedding reception photos
kids dancing at wedding reception at the huguenot loft
wedding photos at Huguenot Loft
Huguenot loft wedding photos
wedding party dancing at reception
bridesmaid dancing and having fun after wedding
bride throwing bouquet at huguenot loft wedding reception
Wedding photos at the huguenot loft, Greenville Sc

Despite the fact that I am a candid wedding photographer, the photos above don’t just happen…they have to be fought for. Meaning, a lot has to go right for things to work out the way they did with Sarah and Brent: photography has to be planned somewhat in advance, time needs to be carved out of an already insane wedding day schedule, and the technical aspects of wedding photography have to align to make this a success. “Luck favors the prepared” is a motto I live by with wedding photography, and I like to stack the deck to allow photos like these to naturally happen. But at the end of the day, it all comes down to 3 things: Timing, location, and personality….and these two had it all!

I hope you enjoyed this look into Sarah and Brent’s Huguenot Loft wedding! And as always, if you are interested in having me photography your wedding at this gorgeous location, just contact me today.

And special thanks to some of the wedding vendors who helped make Sarah and Brent’s day possible:

Wedding Planning and coordinating: Love this Little City
Catering: Good Life Catering
Wedding venue: The Huguenot Loft at the Peace Center
Florist: Bella Blooms
DJ: Pronk Entertainment
Photography: Matthew Pautz Photography

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